SL19B applications Opening Soon

Another year, another SLB. This time it’s the 19th.
Go, read Daniel’s blog, as he knows everything worth knowing and probably can answer all your questions.

Daniel Voyager

On Monday 14th March 2022 Mischievous Mole posted this group notice to the Second Life Birthday group inworld (8, 537 members) announcing that the lab are about to open up applications for SL19B (Second Life 19th Birthday). Mischievous Mole says it’s worth keeping eyes on the official Second Life blog in the next few weeks for more information including ways to get involved with the birthday celebrations.

Group Notice

Hello everyone!

I suspect people are starting to wonder what’s up with this year’s Birthday celebrations. Squeaky and I are deep in the planning stage and just about ready to open up applications. Watch the blog for information coming in the next few weeks for all the opportunities to get involved this year!

Missy 🙂

SL19B Dates

I have already blogged about the SL19B dates here.

On theSecond Life public calendarif you fast forward to June 2022 the…

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    • Hihi, yes. A satire on Zuckerberg’s belated discovery of the metaverse and claiming it for himself and his renamed Meta company … while we’re all living in the metaverse since 19 years. And our avatars even have legs to walk on. ^.^

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