Deltacron Diary: Day 718

Aloha fellow immortals

Guys, we’ve been through a lot together in the past two years, haven’t we? We learned that coronavirus’s real name is Covid-19 and that it’s not just the seasonal flu endemic but an absolutely horrible mass killer pandemic. And then, instead of saying good-bye, like all other decent pandemics usually do, that thing lingered on and whore out its welcome by coming up with an endless strain of new monsters and mutations.

Jeeze. 😦

That those mutations were hardly worse than a regular cold for most of us, was completely ignored by our glorious leaders and DNA data collectors. Whatever. And now, hold on to your knickers, here’s the next mutant: Deltacron’s in the house!

Whaaaa? Yes, I know we should have dealt with delta already a year ago or so, since in the alphabet delta is in front of omega, no? But, ok, I’m no virologist, so we do them them the favour and agree on delta. So be it, Delta it is.

But what is it exactly?

Hah! Gotcha! See, they themselves are sharing it as influenza data. Do they think we’re so panicked we forgot how to read and comprehend plain English words? Jeebuz. :/

In the same vain I received newness from China:

30 mio Chinese in locky downy? That’s the populace equivalent of a medium density suburb in China. Again no biggie. And these are 30 mio peepel across China! So a family here, a couple there, many singles all over the place. As much as I adore China’s no nonsense approach to this health crisis, it’s hardly what we usually would refer to as a pandemic.

Fuck off, China!

No, not you, my dear readers. No matter if Chinese or from lesser countries, I’m happy to have you here for our not-so-regular indabas where we can chit chat about all the things Covid-19. Let’s get on with it as always. It won’t be much longer, I can feel it. If you’re dwelling in a decent country your govt has already got rid of all Covid restrictions or is about to do it pretty soon. I see some movement to the better even in Europe. Anyway, I guess we’re off that shite hopefully for the 2 year anniversary of the lockdown.

Tell me and your fellow readers how’s the situation in your country? Still very tense oh my god we’re all gonna die emergency alert or are you, your fellow compatriots and your govt pretty relaxed by now?

Please let us know in the comment section below …

Until then


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