Fatigue Diary: Day 715

Goeiemôre mense

Hope you’re doing well and stay frosty, unlike the always sleepy South Africans:

In South Africa, there is a widespread sentiment that the Covid emergency is “ending” and that pandemic fatigue could be contributing to a slower vaccination uptake, according to a recent social listening report from the Department of Health.
“There are fewer infections and deaths, a majority have some immunity through infection or vaccination, and Omicron tends to be less severe. This undermines motivation to vaccinate.
“There is extreme fatigue at the pandemic in general and apathy towards the government’s efforts to manage and communicate,” said the report.
Towards the end of January, the country exited the Omicron fourth wave. Since then, Covid-19 cases have continued on a slow decline.
On Thursday, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases reported 1 868 new cases, which represents a 6.5% positivity rate.
Over 32 million Covid-19 vaccines have been administered to 19 million people. Around 48% of the adult population have received at least one dose.
According to the report, 52% of adults between 35 and 49 years have been vaccinated, 64% in the the 50 to 59 age group, and 68% of the over 60s.
“The issue is with the youth: just 35% of those aged 18 to 34 years have been vaccinated. Many youth say they have survived the pandemic for two years, why bother to vaccinate now?”
The fourth week of August 2021 saw over a million people vaccinated. Meanwhile, the total number of people vaccinated last week was over 86 000.
Globally, 453 million people have been infected with the coronavirus and over 6 million deaths have been recorded.
WHO director, Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, said during a media briefing earlier this week that many countries in Asia and the Pacific were currently facing surges of cases and deaths.
“Although reported cases and deaths are declining globally, and several countries have lifted restrictions, the pandemic is far from over – and it will not be over anywhere until it’s over everywhere,” said Gebreyesus.


Two years since WHO called it a pandemic but not full 2 years of lockdown in SA. That festive date is still , like two weeks in the future. Anyhoo, nobody gives a fuk anymore. Everybody wears masks coz we have to in order to get into shops n stuff. But not as if we’d still believe in the severity of this so-called pandemic.

And the younglings are right, you know. We’ve made it so far, so if we don’t get sloppy why bother with vaccines now?

No really exciting Covid-19 newnesses, sleep well my frens.


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