Our Daily Dose of Ukraine

Totally uncommented since – after the latest happenings in this blog – I don’t dare having an opinion anymore. Let’s just watch how the West disassembles itself, ok?

And as always in no special order:


  1. Since you have labeled humble me “a troll” for voicing my “opinion” here recently…here’s some ‘Trolling‘:

    1) Russia learns the TRUTH: State TV DEFIES President Putin’s propaganda edict and broadcasts criticism of the war in Ukraine – with guests describing the shambolic invasion as ‘like Afghanistan, but even WORSE’

    2) Even Russian State TV Is Pleading With Putin to Stop the War


    • “for voicing my “opinion””
      What you do is far from voicing an opinion, MNSKarmY. You just put some stuff out for dunnowhat reason and make yourself unaccountable. Just look at the 2 things you put into your comment: No sources. None at all. Do you expect I waste my time doing your job? You just shout out any self-invented attacks that you can’t back up with facts. That’s textbook troll behaviour.


  2. You’re in denial…again. I copy the source’s article title, so only needs a simple ‘n quick search. Get someone to tell you how to do an internet search if you don’t know how. Geez…copy the provided article’s title, paste it in a search engine, and the source pops right up for you. Pootie’s unprovoked Hitler like invasion of the Ukraine is hurting the Russian people so much that even their “Russian State TV Is Pleading With Putin to Stop the War.”

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    • “You’re in denial…again.”
      Makes no sense. How could I be in denial, when I do research the whole fukn day? I hardly get around doing my own blog with all the Ukraine circus going on.

      “copy the provided article’s title, paste it in a search engine”
      I know how to do it but AGAIN why would I do your job? It’s super easy, barely an inconvenience: Make outlandish claim – back it up! Or go home.

      “unprovoked Hitler like invasion”
      3 errors in such a short sentence. The Russians warned the Ukraine about the consequences if they won’t stop the shelling of Donbass. But America ordered Zelenskyj to go on and poke a little bit more … and more …

      “Russian State TV Is Pleading With Putin to Stop the War.”
      Mhm. Russia has a free press you see?

      Now that Redacted Tonight was cancelled the only remaining critical voice in America is Tucker Carlson of all people. 😮


        • Yes, censored by the West. Believe me, the moment I linked the vid it was still available. They must have such a bad conscience, else they’d allow critical voices.

          Video was of Lee Camp announcing that this was the last “show” of Redacted Tonight.


  3. You might spend all day searching thru Russian propaganda sites, but that’s not research or sourcing, that’s being duped just like you were for over two years on China Virus.

    Russia learns the TRUTH: State TV DEFIES President Putin’s propaganda edict and broadcasts criticism of the war in Ukraine – with guests describing the shambolic invasion as ‘like Afghanistan, but even WORSE’

    Russia “has a free press” – now that is funny! Free if you’re willing to spend 15 years in a Russian prison…


        • You’re brainwashed beyond “convincing,” so you are wrong (*AGAIN* on that. I’m merely offering readers a counterpoint to your Russian propaganda in order to let them decide for themselves…so to speak,


          • That’s why your comments don’t get censored here.
            But maybe they will be soon if you don’t stop your lies and unprovoked ad hominems.

            How couId be brainwashed? I’m a democratic socialist since I’m 13 y/o, against a lot of resistence and despite some real hindrance. If anyone here is brainwashed it’s you, MNSKY. You’re bleeding the American out of every buttonhole. It’s getting boring now.


            • > your comments don’t get censored here

              Here’s my experience on your blog:

              My initial posts (one or two) appeared on your blog after a short wait.

              My subsequent posts (one or two) appeared immediately.

              My last post, a couple of weeks ago, not only did not appear immediately, but it has yet to appear at all.

              I hope that it was just a technical glitch or an oversight. On the other hand, my last posts questioned how you acquire and report information (you have posted memes without attribution and without critical analysis), so I concluded, perhaps unfairly, that you are not receptive to criticism.


      • Newsflash: I just couldn’t resist and klikkered on your link.
        The Daily Beast!??? WTF? You serious? Are you a 6 y/o bully boi? I’m all for a wink and a laugh but The DB is sooo far below anyone’s level and needs of serious discussion.

        Thx for admitting so freely that you’re indeed just trolling. 😉 We had a good laugh, now go home please and stop wasting my time.


    • “Russian propaganda sites”
      Only Russian propaganda site I sometimes visit is RT.de and RT.com. The other stuff are twits by free thinking, uncontrolled twats. And of course official statements and info by US/UK/NATO/EU/RUS/UKR. Id’s call that me reading between the lines of all those attempts t dupe me. If I really were duped I might share your primitive opinion.

      And how can I’ve been duped on the Covid-19 thing when the lockdown hasn’t even reached the 2 years mark? I believed, and still do believe in the virus and it’s severity and danger that it was in the beginning. Th elockdown measures were rightfully applied and probably saved millions of human lives. I only started becoming sceptical when our politicians showed their true powerhungry, corrupt faces and big pharma beeing big pharma.I guess my reaction was a sound and humane one.

      “Free if you’re willing to spend 15 years in a Russian prison…”
      Says who? And din’t you just tell me that ““Russian State TV Is Pleading With Putin to Stop the War.”” Would they dare to do so if they went to prison for 15 years?

      Come on, be real. Be logical. You’re too lightweight as a sparring partner.


  4. You need to get some serious links if the ones you’re using don’t even offer state sponsored Russia 1’s prime time talk show – “state TV show The Evening With Vladimir Soloviev.” You can fool yourself, but you’re not fooling many others here…


    • No, I’m mostly just linking to tweets coz they mostly contain valuable informations.

      Thing is, my dear bot, I’m not trying to fool anybody, not even me. And I never ever considered talkshows reliable news sources. No matter from which country, it’s always just some talking heads with opposing opinions.


    • Bellingcat, really? Complaining about a online hate group? And you’re digesting that? How low can you sink?
      You ready now to acknowledge how cuddly soft and nice I am? 99% of serious blogs would’ve deleted that link and your post at once!


      • Since Bellingcat debunks most of the Russian-based propaganda you put out…you would naturally think about deleting such truthful link.

        Bellingcat is an independent international collective of researchers, investigators and citizen journalists using open source and social media investigation to probe a variety of subjects – from Mexican drug lords and crimes against humanity, to tracking the use of chemical weapons and conflicts worldwide. With staff and contributors in more than 20 countries around the world, we operate in a unique field where advanced technology, forensic research, journalism, investigations, transparency and accountability come together.

        Note the use of “open source” in their advanced methods of investigating tyrants like Putin (AKA Hitler 2).


        • That quote from Bellingcat themself? Seems like, since no other earnest publication would describe them as anything else than radical far out extreme right-wing.


            • Yikes! All their weird theories have been proven to be wishful thinking. If Skripal is still alive he’s got a muzzle from MI5. Else we’d hear his own witness account about his attempted muder, no?

              MI17 was debunked as well and … I stopped reading that shit, which was on their own site, btw. How believable they are. 😉


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