Who? Politicians of course!

If everything was right and as normal as it always was, we should get somewhat between 18 to 20 Rand for 1 €uro. But since the fukn EU and US have decided to implement largely useless economic sanctions on Russia and China we all get to suffer from their stupidity.

And not only goes the value of our currency down, the commodity prices are soaring. My frens, we’re double-fukked! 😮

Fokkin fokkers! 😐

PS: The little and expensive gas you an still get comes from the same Russian supplier, you know that, right? Just bought by clever American capitalists, liquefied , shipped to Europe, turned into gas again and fed into your city’s network for racketeering prices. But you can very proudly say you boycotted Russia.

While freezing to death.

Idiots. :/

You’ve been warned! In 1997 already. About what’s going to happen if you won’t stop poking the sleeping bear. But some of our western punk politicians just wanna see the world burn, don’t they?

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