1. Hate to see the gals go…

    Have been around a lot (*LOTS*) of sick and/or bad arse people in my life, e.g. one big dude had cut the breasts off a barmaid…stuck them on a mirror to see what he would look like wid breasts. Turned himself in years ‘n years ‘n years later because his conscience got to him. Another who chopped up victims after murdering them wid a butcher knife…clogged up the garbage disposal trying to hide the evidence. His fingerprints were found on the trunk he had stuffed the remaining 3-body parts into, and shipped it outta state.

    Have been around a lot (*LOTS*) of hateful people; however, have never seen anyone so controlled by their own hatred as you are. That kind of perpetual hate must be awful to deal wid at times.

    My 2-cents…


    • And as usual you are completely wrong. I found this clip, thought it’s a perfect analogy to describe wotz going on over there … and published it. No hate, no emotions involved. I’m an analyst, I don’t allow myself stupid personal feelings such as hate. Disdain, yes. Coz shortsighted powerhungry politicians and stupid nazis.
      But no hate ever. It wouldn’t help anyway, you know. Short of going to Ukraine ourselves, nobody can’t do anything to change the situation anyhoo.

      Oh, now I know what you meant, it must be awful to deal with my comments that you willfuly interprete as hateful, even tho they are stone cold.

      I don’t even know what you want, what you’re on about. Your side is winning. You got Germany to cancel Nordstream 2 and spend 100 fantastillion Woolongs on useless NATO weapon shite. You destroyed a wonderful blooming friendship between Russia and Germany. And all that without putting even a single boot on the ground in Ukraine.

      You accuse Russia of shit you already did a hundred times before … and the media and even normal people believe you! 😦

      Honestly, what more could you possibly want?


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