In the Process

… of replacing my beloved Manjaro with my even more beloved EndeavourOS.

A you know I had some problems with YouTube switching from the Dark theme to Light theme, which I find ugly and distracting. Then I checked YouTube on my tip top lap top where such nonsense didn’t happen. What is the difference between my MiniMax desktop and my lappy toppy you ask? Well, on the desktop I had Manjaro installed and was pretty superduper happy with it, until the YT fukkyuppy, while on the lappy Endeavour is doing its duty.

Burning a new ISO on a USB thumbdrive

So, quick decision, downloading new ISOs of EOS (for install) and Manjo (as safety measure) and replacing the whole system. Why I didn’t just ask in the Manjaro forum if a remedy is coming up soon, instead of such a radical solution? Coz I’m fukn shy! That’s why.

So, unfortunately I can’t do the OS swap right now since yesterday one of the power stations went kaputt and we have scheduled load shedding again. In ~1 minute the power wi…


    • Oh we’re used to it by now. Living here since 20 years one takes it like a thunderstorm, a drought or earth quake. Eskom managers on the run with the money instead of building new generating stations is a daily occurance, totally natural. ๐Ÿ˜

      And now it’s too late for a fresh install anyway. Will do it first thing tomorrow.

      BTW, wifi shouldn’t need to reboot. Our laptops are conected to wifi as soon as they are booted up. That is the normal behaviour for wifi, no?

      Maybe … well, I guess I’ve read something in Endeavour forum. Much too geeky for me but it was about wifi modules. Lemme find it quickly…

      Was it something with RT3090 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe?

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        • The routers we get “for free” from our ISPs are often of questionable quality. You know that, right? For our brandspanking new fibre thingie they gave us a Tenda router. Tenda! The bargain bin brand! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

          But ok, it works and no complains yet.

          /me knocks on wood.


  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Orca, you are not the only one who is having issues with Manjaro. Troy of “eBuzz Central” had some technical issues with his Manjaro KDE installation (After 5 years of working nicely, it got extremely buggy with Manjaro’s recent update).

    I have a hunch that EndeavorOS should work like a charm on your computer this time around (People do use NVIDIA with Arch Linux).

    If you encounter any issues getting NVIDIA to work, get the brilliant minds on the EndeavourOS Forum to help you out.

    Please keep your readers updated on this matter.

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    • “get the brilliant minds on the EndeavourOS Forum to help you out.”

      Yeah, I did that once. Guess it was Rick who talked me through the process. All the guys there are angels! And EOS is running like a dream on my laptop but when I tried to set up EOS on my main machine it ended it pure fukuppery. So I gave up and am now back on Manjo. Since 3 minutes only so I’ll only find out later if YouTube is going better now.

      And indeed was exactly this super duper updated machine never doing well on EOS. That’s why I switched back to Manjo in the first place.

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