Minty Philosophy

While scribbling the writeup for the YT video about LMDE a stupid idea crossed my mind. I wrote that I recommend Linux Mint although not using it myself. Hmmm, I thought, that makes no sense. Why would I recommend a certain distro – which implies it is the bestest – and not use it myself?

Am I stupid?

And I’m not the only one recommending Mint but not using it.

Are we all stupid?

Apparently yes, we are.

But wait, there’s more to that than just a stupid mis-conviction and a warped mindset. There is this thing called personal taste and lifestyle. And with these two things on your side you can justify every choice you make in Linux

And there is even more. I started writing about Linux pretty much as soon as I started living in Linux. My “career” in Linux wasn’t the typical development story as I met my guru-ine who convinced me to switch from my Mint Xfce – that I never used coz of frustration – to Manjaro Mate, which was a brandspanking new ArchLinux fork. See, I had no clue about shit but she told me all the important commands for the terminal.

I was 2 weeks in Linux at that time, ffs!

All that was way above my pretty noggin but slowly, very slowly, I got into it and I got it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a woman in Linux, not a geek. Maybe a little nerdy but never a geek. I know some stuff, enough to get around – but not a thing more.

But enuff of me, back to my blog where I decided to propagate Linux for female users. That’s a whole different clientรฉle from the Linuxing boys. I guess we girls are more interested to work in a system that’s easy to install and easy to use … as a real operating system. To get stuff done! Like we did before on our WinApple computers.

While the boys, sorry, just wanna play and experiment and try shit out. For doing real work they use WinMac machines. That approach appeared as silly bullshit to me, so I set out trying to get girls into Linux but not for the same reasons boiz would be in Linux but indeed for telling them about Linux distros with the aforementioned qualities: Easy peasy, ungeeky and goal oriented!

And the best distro for that, at least in my mind, is Linux Mint. The standard, Ubuntu-based version on the standard Cinnamon desktop environment. Maybe I’m wrong. And certainly 1,000s of boiz will tell me that dis n dat distro is much better. To which I will only say “Better maybe … but is it easier for an untechy housewife?”

And they will show me all shiny, glittery stuff in their distro (I admit Mint isn’t very shiny) and I will once again ask them a brief little question: “Tell me, my man, after installation, how long you reckon will it take my grrl to start playing in Second Life, writing her blog, and being generally awesome?”

That will shut most of them up I guess. Coz for all that work they would never use Linux but fuxn WinApple products. Most of the bois really just wanna play and introduce more complex geeky shit every day. ๐Ÿ˜

So let me assure you ladies, despite me being on some Arch derivatives, Linux Mint is the bestest allround, mostest complete distro for all the tasks. Work, play, be a n00b, be an expert, the Minty Goodness is splendid for everyone!

So, from now on I’ll have no other recommendations, not even LMDE or similar distros.

Just Mint!

I guess after a while on Mint you’ll either be happy with it and stick to it, or you’re bored and wanna branch out, do some distro surfing and find something that’ll suit you better.

Or not. It’s all good.

Knock yourself out!

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