The Top 5 Linux Distros

Ooopsie, there was some movement in that usually cemented segment. For some inconceivable reason Mint passed Manjaro and is now residing on #3.

No, it’s actually not totally inconceivable. Mint just released the BETA for LMDE 5 and people are actually curious how the famous Minty Goodness transferred to the Debian version. So the site was obviously klikked quite often in the last couple days. Logical assplanation, no?

And I guess a similar reason we find for Manjo’s sinking popularity. Manjaro is a rolling release, a very mature, well-oiled machine by now. There is just no breathtaking news coming from that distro, and since it’s rolling we won’t see the half-yearly spikes in new downloads as we know them from Ubuntu and Mint. Also makes sense, does it not? I guess similar reasons are to blame for Endeavour’s slight downturn … and MX, too, in a sense. Once they bring out a new MX version the arrow will turn green again.

Something else I can help you with?


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