Russia vs the Ukraine

Ready for another round of mood killers? Let’s go!

Even the govt??? Why am I not surprised?

Now a widdioh:

Ok, let’s look at the quick’n’dirty twats:

Don’t ever count on SA’s support. They are scumbags like the EU.
Nice rhetoric. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Probably a fake?
Yes, this really happened! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
The Ukraine was systematically destroyed since 2014. by the Ukraine govt!
Whenever we see shelling in Ukrainian territory, we must assume it’s done by Ukko’s official army or nazi militias. Not by the Russian invaders.
You think, Colonel? Most of the world knows! And we know who’s puppet he is.
The bold defender of his proud country.
The first god thing Bolsonaro ever did for Brasil.
Yes, the West has a lot of compromat hidden in the Ukraine.


  1. Well, as Karmi’s MAD Muse continues to spew her hatred whilst also leading the cheers for Putin’s slaughtering of innocent civilians, here are some actual facts:

    Remember that *FEARSOME* looking โ€˜40-mile-long Russian military convoyโ€˜ from 6-days ago? Well, that โ€˜40-mile-long Russian military convoyโ€˜ headed towards Kyiv 6-days ago has been stalled โ€“ outta *GAS* โ€“ outta food โ€“ sitting Targets for Ukrainian forces.

    โ€˜Is the Russian Air Force Actually Incapable of Complex Air Operations?โ€˜ It has been obvious since Day 1 of the Russian Invasion *WHY* the Russian Military decided to invade a small independent country instead of attacking a member of NATO. Slow โ€˜n Clumsy on the ground. Unable to establish Air Superiority. Even without America, NATO could easily defeat the Russian Military *IF* no Nuclear Weapons were used.

    Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky killed by Ukrainian sniper_*AND*_Pro-Russian Ukrainian mayor Volodymyr Struk kidnapped & shot in his Traitorous Heart!

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    • Just one question, if you allow me, Karmi: Where in the above posting did I spew any hate? I’m just a slightly biased observer of the Twitters. Real hate I only feel for nazis. For all the other players I only have disdain.

      And what makes mayor Struk a traitor, please? Maybe he was already in office before the coup d’etat when Ukraine and Russia where still a happy family? The true traitors are all those guys who’re doing America’s dirty deeds and destroying the whole shithole from within. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  2. Real hate I only feel for nazis.

    As you know…Progressives, Nazis, Communists, Fascists, and Socialists are *ALL* a form of the same ‘Thang, i.e. Totalitarians and/or supporters of Totalitarianism.


  3. Ever hear of Putin’s Neo-Nazi Sparta Battalion?

    RUSSIAN Warlord Vladimir Zhoga *WAS* leading the Neo-Nazi Sparta Battalion has been shot dead by Ukrainian troops: Zhoga joined Russian-backed rebels in 2014 โ€“ the same year in which the Neo-Nazi Sparta Battalion was created & supported by Russia. Soooooo, Putin has *REAL* Nazis in his Military!?!


    • No, never heard of him. Will investigate.

      But anyway, Russia didn’t use nazis to create the coup d’etat on Maidan, it was America. A country hellbend on creating chaos and unrest and war around the world. When we look for the real firestarters and war criminals: It is America. For the purely egoistical reasons of some super rich business men.


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