Almost Over Diary: Day 708

Morning guys

Still not dead? What you say, you alive and doing well? Okay then that’s one of various reasons for sparse new news about the killer pandemic. Can’t you at least pretend to have the flu or sumfink?


Ok, then on with today’s single newness worthy of publishing:

And this isn’t even of today but already 2 days old. Denmark did it, now France is doing it. The only question remaining now is for how long will Germany be able to keep on with their antidemocratic, anti-humane farce? Don’t they get it that the infection numbers aren’t pointing at an endemic, let alone a full-blown pandemic.

Germany is squished in between Denmark and France like the USA is squished in between Canada and Mexico. And exactly like the USA, the Germans are very slow in picking up facts and acting accordingly. ๐Ÿ˜

Otoh, I gotta admit the longer Germany is on high alert and national emergency status, the longer hubby n me can stay here in sunny Afrika and don’t need to face German bureaucracy. Soooo, dear Germans, take your time, and make sure everything is save before allowing us to come back without inoculation and quarantine. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just received message from my bro-in-law, my mum’s time is running out. She’s on heavy medication now and I don’t even know if she’s conscious at all. Anyhoo, bitch made it to the age of 100. That is something, no? 100 years time to make other people’s lifes miserable and to give me OCD and other stresses for the rest of mine. As you might have gathered, no, not planning to go there, not planning to attend the funeral neither. I’m only sorry for my bro-in-law and her last surviving friends for they’ve got to organize the funeral. As typical for my mum, she always claimed everything is perfectly organized with Hamburg’s biggest undertaker’s firm but In-law told me she once glanced at the prospects and then thought everything is already hunky dory. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Anyway, I digress. Guys, have fun, take care, be excellent to each other and

cya laterz


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