Are we stumped?

Stumped and baffled and totally dumbfounded

Oh man, fly me to Washington D.C. and introduce me to the Pentagon. I’m just a stupid little suburban housewife but I can help unbaffle their military experts. You’d need to pay me a rather high salary tho.

Since WW2’s successful allied bombing raids the Americans are kinda shy to set boots on the ground but prefer to eradicate cities and whole countries from high above. They go to warfare with whole populations, wasting money and resources on both sides. And human lives, too.

But human lives are a negatable factor in US strategy, so let’s focus on the topic at hand, shall we? You read Armstrong’s article about how blind all the very expensive western military experts are to things that happen right under their nose. Nobody ever had the idea that other nations, other people might have different ideas about successful warfare. Nobody wondered why and how the Soviets managed to win WW2 without a real airforce and bombing raids but just with a shitload of grunts and T-34 tanks. Nobody ever had the notion that you can win a war with minimal destruction and bombing your enemy back to the stone age? And the US didn’t even stop their strategy after a couple of halfling N-Vietnamese, crawling out of the ruins, kicked their fat asses and sent them packing. Really? That all you can do? Still not thinking about replacing bombs with brains?

But the Russians had. For them Ukraine and Ukrainians are not dehumanized enemies but a neighbour country with problems that drifted on a wrong course. Why would they kill normal residents, why would they destroy cities and infrastructure? It’s what the wasteful west does, not what smart people do! And see how many days it took them to force Selensky (and his CIA handlers) to sit down at the negotiation table. 5, 6? And how many civilian lives were lost? 0 – 10 maybe?

So, guys, you may stop being stumped now. Maybe you try this revolutionary strategy too, next time you gonna go plunderin’. It’s called Soft Invasion and comes highly recommended. Particularly by all the survivors.

This lesson was free, for the next – which will be a heck more complex and contains basic housewife psychology – I’d have to charge. 😐

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