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Oustanding opinion piece by Patrick Armstrong, who blogs directly from my heart.

I’m surprised both of the size of the operation and the type of operation. While I did expect standoff destruction of the nazi units and considered the possibility of standoff destruction of Ukrainian military assets I did not expect to see troops on the ground other than a few Spetsnaz. The operation is much, much more than I expected. Putin & Co surprised me too.
Had I been at home I would have read Putin’s speech earlier and understood sooner. What he is talking about is what the Soviet Union tried to do from 1933 onwards: namely to stop Hitler before he got started. This time Russia is able to do it by itself. In other words, Putin feels that he is making a pre-emptive attack to stop June 1941. This is very serious indeed and indicates that the Russians are going to keep going until they feel that they can safely stop.
I believe that I am starting to see the outline of what they’re trying to do. Bear in mind that the aims to de-militarize and to de-nazify are rather large. I believe Putin and Company have decided to do them thoroughly and that is the reason for the troops on the ground.
At the large end, the grand strategy, is the destruction of  NATO  and the so-called New World Order. Scott Ritter has explained this in his piece. The “new” new world order will be that as described in the joint Chinese-Russian statement I have discussed elsewhere.
It will be obvious that NATO is useless and its friendship worthless. In fact, NATO/Western support is dangerous because it makes you think you have something when you actually have nothing. In a week it will be clear to all who can think that Washington and its minions cared nothing for Ukrainians – they were a sharp stick to poke the Bear with. Many will notice.
At the next level down, the strategy, the aim is to make the Kiev government an offer it can’t refuse. Essentially the demand will be, as I believe Lavrov has outlined, a Ukraine that is neutral, the nazis removed from power, and with a serious degree of autonomy given to its many minorities. Failing that, I think we will see Novorossiya as an independent force and Ukraine subjected to periodic winnowings. On a more positive note, this would allow Zelinsky to become the president he was actually elected to be. Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that the Ukrainian Declaration of Independence states that it should be a neutral country. The desire to get into NATO is the result of Nuland’s 5 billion dollars of  “democracy assistance”.
Moving down to the operational level, I believe Mariupol is going to become very important. First it appears to be the main nest of Azov which is the most powerful nazi grouping. Second, with Russian forces coming from the east, LDPR forces coming from the west and Russian forces coming in the rear, there is the opportunity to form a cauldron. The forces trapped inside the cauldron (котёл) will be running short of supplies, have no air cover and have their command-and-control seriously degraded; they can be left to come to their senses and take the offer of putting down their weapons and going home.
Putin in his most recent statement has made it clear that he regards the Ukrainians as the victims of a coup and therefore innocent of the crimes. One would expect Russian intelligence to have a very good appreciation of who supports them and who does not.
Being in a hotel, I have the opportunity to waste my time watching CNN. I am truly fascinated by how completely clueless the so-called experts, generals, politicians, that they have on are about this. They have no understanding of the Russian motives, they have no conception of what is actually going on, and they can’t see what is in front of their faces. My personal favourite is the US senator that says Russia is running out of food because it’s a communist country and therefore needs to conquer more agricultural land. This is a man whose office is bigger than your house, has a staff of dozens with a huge budget and that’s what he thinks is going on.
The new new world order was born two days ago.

Emphasis mine

Patrick Armstrong

Orca says: I was always afraid of the New World Order and the terrible dystopia it wants to make us live in. Fortunately the main actors are just clueless assclowns … and we have mother Russia to protect us from the worst effects. 😉


  1. Oh, now I understand! The way to rid a democratic country of a perceived nazi-like minority is to have another country, preferably a nazi-like despotic dictatorship, overrun the first country with military might, murder its peaceable citizens or force them to flee from their homes, destroy its infrastructure, depose its elected government, and install its own puppet government instead. And of course then there will be some Lebensraum to move into, so that they can rebuild the things they have destroyed, in their own likeness. (Except for the destroyed Ukrainian families). Yes, it all makes sense now.

    Sarcasm aside, this opinion piece certainly is outstanding! I can’t make up my mind whether to laugh or weep at such hysterical nonsense. And when I use the word ‘hysterical’, I don’t mean what Russia repeatedly accused western governments of, when they accurately predicted exactly what everyone knew was about to happen. I despise liars, especially those in public office, and Putin and his cronies are the biggest liars of all. It’s just sad that people believe any of the idiotic propaganda that attempts to justify the unjustifiable.

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    • Oh wow, Izi!!!
      I don’t know if you spent the last couple days in some dark cage or sumfink buuut …

      “perceived nazi-like minority”
      Nonsense. Of course the nazis are a minority but they are the ones fighting and calling the shots.

      “overrun the first country with military might”
      No way. In case you haven’t noticed yet: No civilian posessions have even been touched, nuclear power stations, electricity, water, gas, radio, TV, telephone, internet, trains, everything is working.

      “murder its peaceable citizens”
      Now that’s a blatant lie!

      “force them to flee from their homes”
      It’s the prospect of being forcefully drafted into the Ukrainan army that made most of them flee. And of course enough of people with a bad conscience, too. Watch Gonzalo Lira’s first hand account:

      “depose its elected government”
      What? Maidan was a coup d’etat, nothing democratic at it.

      “and install its own puppet government instead.”
      A Nuland-approved gvt is what they have now.

      “there will be some Lebensraum”
      You have any idea about how beeeeg Russia is? Lebensraum is the last thing they need/want. Particularly such mismanaged lebensraum.

      “rebuild the things they have destroyed”
      So far the only things they’ve destroyed are some military installations. No civilian, no residential area has even been touched.

      “hysterical nonsense”
      “Patrick Armstrong was an analyst in the Canadian Department of National Defence specialising in the USSR/Russia from 1984 and a Counsellor in the Canadian Embassy in Moscow in 1993-1996. He retired in 2008 and has been writing on Russia and related subjects on the Net ever since.” ~

      I guess that guy knows rather exactly what he’s talking about. When have you been in Kharkov the last time?

      “Russia repeatedly accused western governments of, when they accurately predicted exactly what everyone knew was about to happen.”
      Yes, exactly! They accused the west of things everyone knew the west was going to do. But this time they didn’t wait for the shit to go down on them but acted preemptively. About time they finally did something!

      Obama//Trump/Biden “and his cronies are the biggest liars of all. It’s just sad that people believe any of the idiotic propaganda that attempts to justify the unjustifiable.”


      And allow me to ad that the young democracy Russia so far has an unblemished CV, which can’t be said about the various European countries and even less about their transatlantic ringleader.

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  2. Anyone believing this Russian Propaganda crap is as clueless as Putin…

    “Putin believed he’d be received in Ukraine with flowers” … now that is clueless!

    “‘End of the Post-World War II System’ — ‘We’re Going to See a Much More Violent World’” – Gingrich

    China can now expand. Turkey can now expand. America certainly needs to expand…say down to Medellin. Etcetera

    Any big country can now call its smaller neighbor a “Nazi” and simply invade it and start murdering their citizens until they are dead or have surrendered.


    • “Anyone believing this Russian Propaganda crap is as clueless as Putin…”
      LOL.Putin is clueless cause he believes his own propaganda? Now this is a new low, even for a troll like you, MNSKY. 🙂

      ““Putin believed he’d be received in Ukraine with flowers” … now that is clueless!”
      Who said that about the flowers? Sources or it didn’t happen. It’s funny how a nation that comes up with the worst attacks and explainificatons, nobody seems to be able to substantiate any of that shit.

      ““‘End of the Post-World War II System’ — ‘We’re Going to See a Much More Violent World’” – Gingrich”
      Yes, as long as we have a USA the violence won’t stop.

      “China can now expand. Turkey can now expand. America certainly needs to expand…say down to Medellin. Etcetera”
      America doesn’t need to expand, they have their feelers and influence all over both Americas anyway. China and Turkey are not the topic of discussion here. And Russia doesn’t need/want to expand. They only wanna get rid of NATO troops directly at their borders.

      “Any big country can now call its smaller neighbor a “Nazi” and simply invade it and start murdering their citizens until they are dead or have surrendered.”
      But only the Russians are actually doing so. And you know why and we all know they are completely right about everything.


  3. You promote ‘n use Russian Propaganda sources, and then ask me for “Sources” … baahaahaahaaaa ‘Snicker Snort‘.

    Know what the Russian Ruble is worth today? ‘Snicker Snort‘.

    The Russian People are really happy about that, huh? ‘Snicker Snort‘.


    • True, some of my info I find on RT. They do not lie. And at least I have sources and make them known. No other material comes from any propaganda outlets. Or would you define Patrick Armstrong as propagandist? An expert for the Canadian govt. Yes, but his job was to tell the truth – and if anything, promote western values.

      The two Alexanders of The Duran are neutral analysts, as are all other sources I quote. To be honest, the most Russia-frenly Putin fan you’ll find around here is me, not my sources. I guess once Putin is gone and they elect a new president, he or she will be a lot less frenly and I’ll stop being pro-Russia as well.

      We’ll see. In the end it all depends on America.

      Oh, and no, I don’t know what the Russian Ruble is worth today. I guess it is significantly down like normal for countries in war. Guess why 3/4 of the world rushes away from the petro dollar? And once the Ukraine shit is over and done with, the ruble will soar again. China will make sure of that.


  4. Orca, the dark cage is not mine. Just one phrase of yours sums up your whole position on this, and renders almost everything else you say irrelevant. “The young democracy Russia”. The Russian government is arresting and imprisoning hundreds, possibly thousands, of its own citizens simply for telling Putin that they don’t want him to wage war on Ukraine. His political opponents are already in prison or dead (one of them murdered by nerve agent in Salisbury, a few miles from where I live). Democracy my arse. Forgive the coarse analogy, but you just can’t help shitting on your own doorstep. You call yourself an analyst. My dear, I suggest you think about your recently deceased mother and try again on yourself. If that seems severe, you have no right to complain about it: you shared the story with us, and your trauma is obvious to anyone with a little compassion. But you don’t seem to have any compassion, even for yourself.

    I sincerely wish you happiness. Bye now.

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  5. “Orca, the dark cage is not mine.”
    What dark cage please?

    Butbutbut … Russia is a young democracy, not even 30 years old. And much more democratic than most western countries. So it wasn’t a phrase but simple fact. My english skillz are too bad to use phrases and such stuff.

    The imprisoning of protesters is a lie. When people attend a not-permitted protest march and misbehave, police will come and arrest them. Happened to me once or twice, when I was a young Orca. You will be thrown into a holding cell, together with a bunch of other people, and after the protest is over you’ll be set free again. And the way the Russian police handles it is comparatively tame compared to, say, the French gendarmerie. I’ve got uncensored interwebz, I watched videos.

    Same as the Salisbury story. Skripal is alive and well, or at least he was when we heard last about him. If he’s dead now it was MI5, not Russia. England’s story was blown out of the water years ago. Are you so starved of a free press in England?

    And why should I think about my mother? Bitch is dead and I’m free. One less problem to worry about.

    “you don’t seem to have any compassion”
    No, not much. True. These are all powerhungry grown up adult sociopaths, particularly in Wash DC. Why would I have any compassion for them? The little spare sympathy I have I spend on the long-suffering Russian passportholders in Donbass. Rest of Ukraine civil population is fine, the Asov battalion get’s their asses whooped. All is almost good.

    Aaaand anyhoo, what is that with all the ad hominems? You think you get me with that shit, where a whole bunch of Americans tried and failed? People much smarter than you and with much sharper rhetoric. All smashed to pieces at my thick skin.

    The only grain of salt in this whole debacle is that a small handful of American assholes get their will imposed on poor European citizens who will now not have enough gas for the winter and go into a huge inflation.

    “I sincerely wish you happiness. Bye now.”
    Really? Are you sure you don’t just pretend? Feels like on my end.

    But now I have a question for you: Why do you hate Russia so much? So much hate in you that you don’t even refrain from using cheap lies. Why? Where does it all come from?


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