Linux Mint – LMDE 5 – Beta Edition


Good news for all you Minty fanboiz and fangrrlz. The Debian Edition is out. BETA only, not the final release version but, come on, we all know everything with Debian genes in its base is indestructible and super duper stable. And will make you instantly looking much more sexy. ^.^

Best viewed on Large screen. Overview and Tour of LMDE 5 Beta the Debian edition of Cinnamon as of 2-28-2022.

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#LMDE5CinnamonBeta #LinuxMintLMDE5Beta

Try that shit out and let your fellow blogreaders know if LMDE is really better than the standard – based on Ubuntu – Mint.

Contrary to Thor Hartmannsson I leave my comment section always open!


    • Any machines left on vanilla Mint?
      And how you feel about it, bester/wurster/samesame as Ubu version, less/moar user frenly?


      • Oh, and tell me pleez, is there any upgrade path or do you have to install the sheet all over once the release version comes out? 😐


  1. Uh okeeee. As I (seem to) remember, they are almost identical. Back when I tested LMDE was still a tad behind in puncto user frenliness … just a tiny bit.
    Not my problem anymore. I am the news lady, telling you stuff. You lot make up your minds by yourself.


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