Let’s Talk

Russia denied on Sunday that talks with Ukraine had begun but said the two sides were
arriving at the destination for negotiations, Interfax news agency quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying.

The negotiations could possibly offer some room to try to de-escalate the crisis after Russia invaded Ukraine from several directions. Earlier, an adviser to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said the talks had already begun.

Russia dropped its preconditions for talks after suffering military setbacks.

Ukraine’s foreign minister said on Sunday, adding that Ukraine would attend the talks to listen to what Russia had to say.

Dmytro Kuleba also told a briefing that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s move to put nuclear forces on high alert was timed to put pressure on Ukraine during the negotiations.


  1. Just saw the UK government will be launching emergency alerts system in early 2022. I really hope we don’t have nuclear weapons going off here in the months ahead.

    The global elite are running the shots behind closed doors. The leaders I bet already know what’s going to happen next.

    War is not needed in 2022+.

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    • Hi Daniel

      “The global elite are running the shots behind closed doors. The leaders I bet already know what’s going to happen next.”
      They know. Oh yes, they know! It’s like a Hollywood screenplay. And if we stupid populations just follow the narrative, everything’s gonna happen exactly as planned. [insert evil laughter here]

      “War is not needed in 2022+.”

      You know that, I know that, most ppl on the planet know it, too. Incl. Russians and even most Ukrainians. But there is that one country far in direction sundown, you know which one I mean, right. Anyway, they actually need war. In 2022 as well as in all the past years since 1945. And in the forseeable future as well. You see, war, endless war, either cold or – even better – hot is pretty much the only thing that keeps their crumbling economy afloat. 😐

      Anyway, as it looks right now, they will soon receive a donation of 180 billion woolongs with compliments of the German taxpayer. πŸ˜‰

      So, no fear of nukes going off in your ‘hood, coz when we all deaded, there is no profit to be made anymore.

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