1. Now we know why Putin was afraid to confront NATO militarily and went for a weaker target instead. His main “Elite” military units really suk! For example, the infamous “hunters” Chechen special forces wid a column of “56 tanks” was just “obliterated.” They were hunting for comedian turned President ‘n Commander in Chief, Volodymyr “I need ammunition, not a ride” Zelensky, and they almost found him.

    Well, it now looks like your beloved Russian tyrants will have to use Chemicals & Thermobaric weapons…..

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    • “Putin was afraid to confront NATO”
      In the end it was fraidy cat NATO who abandoned the oh-so-precious Ukraine. The last piece in the puzzle to encircle Russia with hostile natons. And now their own puppet develops a conscience and is trying to break free? America can’t have that.

      “They were hunting for comedian turned President ‘n Commander in Chief, Volodymyr “I need ammunition, not a ride” Zelensky”
      Says who? Zelensky doesn’t answer his phone anymore. He was obviously shouted at by his handlers in Washington, looks like. Because what Washington doesn’t need is negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, maybe an understanding and maybe even … peace? 😮 OMG OMG OMfG! 😮


      • “your beloved Russian tyrants ”
        My wot? And now they are tyrants, plural?

        As you should know I hate all politicians and suit wearers with a passion. But of the whole group of shitheads Pooteen is still the bestest. I truly believe that he really cares about the common wealth of the Russian population.


          • I’m a what? I had to look up the definition. So, okay, I believe in something and fight for it. I actually believe i many things and am ready to defend them. How racism fits in your wannabe reasoning is another question tho, coz I don’t believe in racism.


    • What’s the holodomor to do with hunting nazis? If you’re critizising the method of Russian invasion – it’s called “soft invasion” in military circles and means no destruction of infrastructure and as less impact on civil life as possible. There shouldn’t be a break of supply chains at all. In case you haven’t noticed, telephone lines, internet, electricity, gas and water is working on usual levels.

      Pls don’t even try to justify the west’s infame methods and turn the blame on Russia. Everybody knows Putin’s hands were bound and this was the only possible outcome.You’re a troll I see but too smart for such cheap rhetorics.


        • What a bunch of gobbledigook. Nobody wants to colonize that shithole. The Russian army got some clearly, specified tasks and goals. I don’t think they will stay very long after “Mission Accomplished”. Again, they are not Americans, so everything will be done with honour and dignity. And, as always, the situation in situ presents itself very different from what the gangster politicians are making up in their parliaments. The commanders of troops on both sides often know each other from soviet times when they all served in the same force and went to the same military academies. They have a mutual understanding completely different from the guys in Kiev, Moscow, Brussels and Washington. Vodka is thicker than political idiocy.

          Dunno if you’ve seen the photos, but the nuclear power plant in Tchernobyl is manned and protected by personnel from both sides. And elsewhere whole companies of Ukrainian soldiers are laying down their weapons and becoming POWs. As soon as the Russians are done they’ll be released and sent home.

          Moscow has no interest in the Ukraine as long as it doesn’t become a NATO country. I guess negotations Selensky/Putin are going on as we’re typing here. The intervention could be over later tonight … if the Americans allow it.


  2. This is turning into one of the biggest Military Blunders in Human History…the Russians may dump Pootie before this is over. ‘Massive anti-war protests have erupted across Russia for the fourth day in a row‘ as Pootie’s troops are getting their arses kicked. He will either lose Face or resort to using Chemicals & Thermobaric weapons…or Nukes.


    • “Pootie’s troops are getting their arses kicked.”

      I need to investigate that. All I know is that the Russians lost some hours while they waited for Selensky to pick up the phone. But Selensky was busy getting shouted at by Washington at the time. They obviously expected more for their investment.


      • We should all be fighting in the Ukraine – against the Ukraine! This is nothing but another badly thought-out South Vietnam with just another drama queen junta and it will end in the same way.
        In the long run The West won’t be able to stop at least a few centuries of Asian domination from happening.

        Open your eyes, little robot, and see that America of all the places is already owned by China. And your businessmen making good business with their Chinese counterparts while they are giving you a false target to focus on and keep you and your hateful compatridiots busy.

        Time’s up. Rien ne va plus!


  3. https://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/opinion/sa-caught-between-a-ukrainian-rock-and-brics-solidarity-ce1faf26-c6af-4f81-be83-e1c4320a0cf9

    More analysis such as this might smooth rough waters and help those who are not so well informed (I humbly include myself amongst them) to actually understand what is and has been really going on. I have never defended, and would never defend, the US or its NATO allies (including the UK), given the mess they make of so many things in the world, but strident, one-sided rhetoric against them achieves nothing except to alienate people who only want to get closer to the WHOLE truth. In my view, the main thing that differentiates Western leaders from Putin is not their dishonesty, but the amount of energy they expend on trying to hide it.

    There is much dramatic and plain stupid misinformation on both sides, but most people will choose, almost unquestioningly, to believe misinformation that supports their entrenched view, and ridicule that which does not. Please don’t fall into that trap.

    However, the main focus here in my view should not be the geopolitics, not the justifications for Putin’s invasion (there’s no getting away from that word), but the huge amount of human suffering that it is inevitably precipitating. There is no possible justification for that. And I really think you need to back off a bit on the strident politics and acknowledge this, Orca, before you completely alienate your blog followers and sharers.

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    • “the huge amount of human suffering”
      Which only happens in the media.

      “I really think you need to back off a bit on the strident politics and acknowledge this, Orca,”
      That would force me to do politics. I would be lying. Wuääärgs! 😮 Sorry, can’t do that. 😐

      “before you completely alienate your blog followers and sharers.”
      Dunno if you knew I never cared about such artificial, superficial things. My mission statement from 2011 clearly states I don’t blog for followers and I’d be going on blogging even if I were the last living human thingamajig on the fuxn planet.


    • “the kind of response I expected”
      The kind everybody should expect to get from me: Honest, straight, no flowers, no sweet words. Again, I won’t lie and change my ideology for some anonymous blogreaders’ insane love of all things western and anti-Russian.

      “you have dug yourself deeper into your trenches”
      By refusing your offer of lying myself out of my position just to appeal to your taste I did nothing that could even remotely being called digging myself into any trenches. I’m not one much for drama. I just stay true to my word and my convictions since over 40 years.


      • BTW, that article was pretty good and I’m asking why and how anyone could be left on the Ukrainian/US side now. Did you read a different article than me or how could you call my stance “strident” while the article was tenfold that clear in its pro-Russian strident-ism (if that’s even a word).

        “Please don’t fall into that trap.”
        I’d fall into that trap if I backed off my “strident” politics. I can see nothing strident in anything I said/wrote. The Russians are completely right. After 8 years of state-subsidised terror on the Donbass and the West’s refusal to earnestly negotiate and back off, they finally had to react. The whole free world would’ve been disappointed had they fallen for another round of American lies and false promises and crocodile tears.

        This all happens in total accordance with the American playbook. The USA doesn’t care about sacrificing a shithole like the Ukraine, if it only gets them closer to their goal of finallly closing the last gap of their encirclement of Russia. We’ve seen them do the same thing in Korea, in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq and Lybia and they tried it in Afghanistan, and Syria. It always ends with an embarrassing defeat for the US military but a huge victory for their political power and the profits of their military-industrial complex.

        And the dumb bear tripped into their trap. Which is not too bad since the sanctions are more damaging for the west than for Russia. Talking about digging trenches: It’s not me but USA/NATO/EU sitting deep in the shit right now. For I can live without a blog, and very comfy so. But can the EU survive the next winter without gas?


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