Should Linux Mint Ditch Ubuntu?

That’s a question most, if not all, users of the Minty Goodness are asking themselves and the Mint dev team, like, every day. Renard has a clear opinion about it. You gotta read his article to find out. Since Renard won’t allow reblogs I can only provide you with a linkage to his original article.

As it turned out all 3 of us are kinda in favour of Mint becoming a Deb-based distro but we want the userbase to decide. Btw, Renard and me stepped away from Mint long ago and using Arch. And Neo is in the process, so I guess once you’ve reached a certain age in Linux but didn’t lose your curiosity, you’ll end up on sexy Arch anyway. ^.^

If you decide to stay on Mint , which version did you choose, wibbly wobbly childish Ubu or adult workhorse Debian?

Please utter your feelings directly on Renard’s blog, not here.

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