Remember the Odessa Massacre?


  1. The problem with your posts is I can not tell what your opinion is? Are you in favour of the Russian invasion of Ukraine? If not you need to post more than just a captured Instagram photo.

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    • Hi Kevin, the problem for myself is kinda the same. I’m just a woman navigating her way thru the interwebz, soaking in everything I can in as little time as possible. I’m trying to create my own opinion about anything.

      And see, in this particular post I just linked to a twittertwat by Nina, just a reminder that the West totally ignored all the ugly stuff that happened during the Maidan coup.

      If you follow my blog for a little while longer you will slowly figure out that I’m rather critical on any suit wearers, particularly the Americans. I mean, hey, they claim to be the bestest thing since stainless pancakes in tubes, so they will get the biggest portion of my criticism.

      Russia otoh is a very very young democracy, still very successful, so now the American recommendation to focus all the power on the president now backfires on them. Yeltsin was easy, you gave that man a drink and he happily did whatever they told him … and fuck the people. And when Putin took over and developed his own ideas, made Russia a functioning state, made money, controlled the capitalists and took care of the small people … America was flabbergusted.:o

      In so far, as an old democratic socialist myself, yes, I’m generally in favour of Russia.


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