1. Hi Orca, great that we have freedom of speech, right? And Putin might like your posts. Would be different if you’d post it against his system while living in Russia. But hey, internet is restricted in Russia anyway. I’d not mind a lot (as I wrote: freedom of speech), BUT: naming the Ukrainians “nazis”, this is a NO-GO! And to use “kitschy” for Ukraine with such a pic while not understanding that Russia had been the “kitchy” place for decades makes me speechless. I really hoped that your mind would change. Silber Sands

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    • Hi Silber, long time no see.

      “great that we have freedom of speech, right?”
      As a working class child born into a socialdemocratic era I take it as a given.

      “Putin might like your posts”
      He might do as he pleases. I don’t give 2 fux about what he likes. I’m not a follower of any narratives.

      “Would be different if you’d post it against his system while living in Russia.”
      I don’t know his system. All I know is that Russia is a very stable democracy that’s come a long way since 1990. And from what I hear is the personal freedom a bit higher than in the EU. I notice the same here in SA, probably even much more extreme. The amount of gvt interference in our lives is minimal. There is no control, neither here nor there.

      “internet is restricted in Russia anyway.”
      How do you know? I know otoh that RT is taken off the internet off and on. So much for restricted/redacted internet in the free west. :/

      “naming the Ukrainians “nazis”, this is a NO-GO!”
      Not every single one but the gvt and most of the militia fighters, the Asov brigade for example. And have you seen the photos of british army personnel training Ukainian soldiers/terrorists with swastikas on their helmets? So while Ukraine might not be completely nazi itself, it’s surely run by nazis. In 2014 Victoria Nuland was handpicking Ukrainian nazis to instigate the maidan coup and install a puppet regime. She created a fertile ground for civil war and suppression of Russian passport holders in the donbas. They knew that the Russian bear would sooner or later wake up from his hibernation and react a bit miffed. Everything happens exactly as written in the American script.That’s a proven fact.

      “not understanding that Russia had been the “kitchy” place for decades”
      Oh yes, the ghastly soviets were masters of kitschy propaganda. But those were the soviets. The most extreme form of gvt propaganda we see today comes from RT. No kitsch and very true and fact based. Our own Deutsche Welle is a vile broadcaster of hate compared to RT.

      “I really hoped that your mind would change”
      Why would I? I observe the conflict thru the same channels available for you (minus ARD/ZDF of course) and all I see is a very consequential Russia following the only path left for them … and tripping into Washington’s carefully placed trap. Fortunately they knew beforehand about the sanctions and are well-prepared for them. Much better anyway than the EU.
      As you should know America doesn’t care about Ukraine one way or the other. Their goal was to reign Germany back in line and make them cancel Nordstream 2. Kudos gentlemen, good job.

      BTW, did you know Germany had something like, what, 180 billion spare €uros lying around to waste on the Bundeswehr? Instead of leaving NATO and cut all ties to America, we’re now putting 180 billion into war machines and gonna buy the same Russian gas, only liquefied and with a much higher price tag, from America. They knew Scholz and Baerbock are muppets, and they used them as such. Seit Schröder kann die SPD einfach nicht aufhören uns zu enttäuschen. Allmählich glaube ich der “Verräterpartei” Theorie.

      Oyoyoyoyyyy, I don’t have high hopes for our future pensions. 😦


          • Not every single one but the gvt and most of the militia fighters, the Asov brigade for example.

            You said the gvt was controlled by Nazis. Anyway, SA has more Nazis than the Ukraine. Germany to. The Asov brigade is made up mostly of foreigners, and only has about 10,000 members…10-20% of them claim to be Nazis.

            Do you know how many people live in the Ukraine? Let me tell you, in case you don’t know that either – about 44 million. Ukraine id a Free ‘n Independent Nation being invaded by a lying Totalitarian Regime.

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            • “SA has more Nazis than the Ukraine.”
              SA also has more Xhosa and Zulu than the Ukraine … and a very democratic govt.

              “Germany to.”
              Germany is a shitshow. As is the UK. And America. And I’m over the moon to have escaped from there.

              “The Asov brigade is made up mostly of foreigners”
              Mhm. It’s obviously a dream destination for adventurous young men with behavioral abnormalities and anger management issues. America’s dream mercenaries.


  2. How can you name Putins Russia a democracy? The human rights organisation „Memorial“ just got forbidden, same might happen to newspapers like „Nowaja Gaseta“ that still shows courage… People who demonstrate against the war in St. Petersburg, Moscow and many other places are picked up in a row, thousands have been arrested already. You wrote that the Ukranian „gvt“ would be Nazis after writing that you don’t want to follow any narratives… But exactly this IS a narrative. As MNSKY wrote, Zelensky is Jewish. Makes no sense, but Putin likes to use this narrative „We against Nazis“… lame on my mind.
    Finally, at least two people here wrote something instead of just clicking a „like“-button but being silent. Stay well. Silber Sands

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    • Memorial is financed by Soros and Heinrich Böll foundations, two very very suspect organisations. I guess the good old Böll would rotate in his grave if he knew how his name is abused like that. B90/Grüne are behind it! Enuff said.

      I cannot say anything about arrests but I guess we would’ve seen more authentic material if anything like that would’ve happened. And, as sad as it maybe is, and let Putin be an ahole, that’s not the problem now, is not why they went into Ukraine. They went to stop the shelling!

      “But exactly this IS a narrative.”
      Wot? Calling a spade a spade is narrative? These people don’t even try to hide it! Dunno about you but I’m highly allergic to nazis. And that is exactly what the Russians are facing there. Not the civil population, not the official military; the few but very loud nazis. The guys trained by British “advisors”, Asov brigade and sumsuch nazi militias. They do frighten me.

      Zelensky is jewish, yes. But so am I (partly) and millions of other Germans, and he seems to be the most sane voice there. Don’t need Nebelwerfer MNSKY to tell us. But as we all have witnessed, Selensky’s just another chess figure, a pawn that doesn’t do anything without ok by his handlers. That’s why his delegation only appeared hours late at the location chosen for the negotiations by themselves (or CIA).

      If we’re looking for the responsible party for the fukked up situation we’re in now we gotta look no further than Victoria Nuland. All the actors, Selensky, Putin and many others are behaving exactly as laid out in America’s playbook.


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