Second Life’s Lab Gab – Black History Month 2022

Watch this special pre-recorded edition of Lab Gab at the Eatonville Living History Museum in Second Life. Soull Starlight and Yukiko Yeshto will give Strawberry Linden a tour and tell us more about the museum and the projects they both work on. To end the show, there will be some amazing spoken word performances by Ras Solaris, Mookie Lazarno, and Tatyanayvette.

Eatonville Living History Museum:…
Soull Starlight AscendBNB Experiences:
Ras Solarisโ€™ Meroe Museum:
Sisters in SL:
Corsica South Coasters:…
Daikoku Drift Championship:
Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy (BBB):
Mainland Tour:…
Yukiko Yeshto Flickr:…

Social Awareness Category on the Destination Guide:…

Interested in Second Life? Get started:

Lab Gab is a talk show about the virtual world of Second Life.
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A very good initiative for racism-riddled America. Maybe of a little less relevance for the rest of us. Dunno, don’t care. Orca has black and blue, Latin and northern and Asian skins, and I wear whatever I fee like. Also I imagine most other humans as anime girls, so I have no capacity for racism. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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