Windsurfing Race Day 8 with Sea Boss Rider at Saint Aubrey in 2022

Yesterday Amy, Erin, Ella, Izi, Lucy and Sanja joined me on our windsurfing courses 4 and 3 with wind from South West and 25knots.

from left: Amy, Erin, Ella, Izi, Lucy, me, Sanja

I tell you all the time that our windsurfing races are exciting fun and pure entertaiment and show you some pictures. But yesterday i tried something new. Videos live from my sight like Lucy does them and i think you might agree with me now.

The start of the first race: Sanja with a nearly perfect start having Ella and Lucy in her neck. Izi’s prestart timer tricked her, showed her a wrong start time and corrected that just before the line. Result: poor Izi was over early and joined the sleepy starters Amy, Erin and me.
Sanja took the advantage out of her start, sailed away from all, didnt do a mistake and her board won the race. Yes her board is very well trained. SL disconnected her at the last crossing before the finish line, but her board showed SL the longest of its fingers and finished first.
The others had great duels during the race and Izi a brilliant comeback after her restart.
But watch yourself:

The first race

The Finish:
1. Sanja
2. Lucy
3. Izi
4. Ella
5. Amy

The Finish: 6. Erin

The start of the second race was a lot closer than the first one, but nearly in the same order and no one over early this time. Here are some more explanations of some who got suddenly slower:
1. At the first buoy CN Izi hit the buoy with her butt and fell a bit back.
2. At the second buoy CS i fouled Izi and Ella and did a moor penalty
3. between buoy CS and IN Sanja used the wrong button and didnt hike
4. At buoy OW Izi went a bit too wide around it
5. between buoy CN and ON Izi got distracted by typing
The rest you should find in the video.

I cant say much about the race behind me this time. I was too busy with chasing the ones in front of me or with my exciiiiiiiitiiiiiiiing duel with Izi.
Bad luck for Erin in her second race with us. She lost somewhere on the way the control and could only move the cam afterwards. I will tell her that mooring will let her loose some time, but not the race, because after restarting she can continue the race.
Watch all the other actions in the second video:

The second race

Added this: Flickr allows only 10min videos and so here is the finish of the second race:

Finish of the second race

The Finish:
1. Ella
2. Izi
3. Lucy
4. Sanja
5. Amy
6. Erin

at the Tiki Bar

Congrats to Sanja and Ella for winning one race each and to Erin for a great first raceday with us and to all for another wonderfull and exciting windsurfing race day.

Here are the results from yesterday:

11: 2022-02-24-St AR – SBR – 4 – SW25:

1: SanjaSH Resident IDBS5fad – Race Time: 0:12:39-9points
2: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 – Race Time: 0:12:50-6points
3: Izi Shinohara IDBS188a – Race Time: 0:12:53-4points
4: eleanorvelvet Resident IDBSbccf – Race Time: 0:12:54-3points
5: TgBianca Resident IDBSeb40 – Race Time: 0:12:56
6: Montserrat Naidoo IDBSce61 – Race Time: 0:13:12-2points
7: clairehunt Resident IDBSfe0f – Race Time: 0:14:28-1point

Lap Times:
SanjaSH Resident IDBS5fad – Start: 0:00:01 – Last lap: 0:12:38
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 – Start: 0:00:02 – Last lap: 0:12:48
Izi Shinohara IDBS188a – Start: 0:00:21 – Last lap: 0:12:32
eleanorvelvet Resident IDBSbccf – Start: 0:00:02 – Last lap: 0:12:52
TgBianca Resident IDBSeb40 – Start: 0:00:16 – Last lap: 0:12:40
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSce61 – Start: 0:00:18 – Last lap: 0:12:54
clairehunt Resident IDBSfe0f – Start: 0:00:19 – Last lap: 0:14:09

12: 2022-02-24-St AR – SBR – 3 – SW25:

1: TgBianca Resident IDBSeb40 – Race Time: 0:17:25
2: eleanorvelvet Resident IDBSbccf – Race Time: 0:17:35-9points
3: Izi Shinohara IDBS188a – Race Time: 0:17:38-6points
4: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 – Race Time: 0:17:48-4points
5: SanjaSH Resident IDBS5fad – Race Time: 0:17:56-3points
6: Montserrat Naidoo IDBSce61 – Race Time: 0:18:12-2points
7: clairehunt Resident IDBSfe0f – Not Finished-1point

Lap Times:
TgBianca Resident IDBSeb40 – Start: 0:00:05 – Last lap: 0:17:20
eleanorvelvet Resident IDBSbccf – Start: 0:00:05 – Last lap: 0:17:30
Izi Shinohara IDBS188a – Start: 0:00:01 – Last lap: 0:17:37
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 – Start: 0:00:01 – Last lap: 0:17:47
SanjaSH Resident IDBS5fad – Start: 0:00:02 – Last lap: 0:17:54
Montserrat Naidoo IDBSce61 – Start: 0:00:08 – Last lap: 0:18:04
clairehunt Resident IDBSfe0f – Start: 0:00:11 – Last lap: Not Finished

Standing overall St AR 2022 SeaBossRider Championship (after 12 races):
Sailor-points (number of races)

Stay all safe and healthy and hope to see you all back next week again on courses 5 and then with wind from North East and 21 knots.

Hugs and kisses


  1. Super videos Bianca and Lucy, and another great report!
    Bianca, it was Sanja and Ella who you fouled at CS in the second race. Having hit CN and stopped, I reached CS just after you three. You can see my sail passing across your camera view while you were moored.

    Liked by 3 people

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