1. How many Russian men does it take to subdue *ONE* Russian Woman?

    Answer: Four (red ovals), with at least Two backups (lime ovals), and possibly Three-Four (pink ovals) in close support positions. Can you see them all?

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      • All I know it took only one USA/NATO to put a nazi problem right at Putin’s doorstep, using the CIA instigated Maidan coup d’etat and with ongoing suppression of the Donbas finally force Putin’s hand to answer with military force.

        Ukraine became like Europe’s ISIS, another problem solver for the US.

        If I had a hat I’d tip it right now into Washington’s direction. Clever played, gentlemen, kudos.

        OTOH you see what’s coming, do ya: First time in centuries India, Pakistan, China and Korea are on the same team, rooting for Russia.


  2. Nope ‘n Nope, i.e. you’re wrong twice. Besides, as a Progressive who totally supports Totalitarianism, you must know that Nazis, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, & Progressives are all Totalitarians just wid different names.

    That was about Putin also stopping anyone in Russia from protesting his war, and the pic wid a “man” wearing fingernail polish…plus an undercover officer who appears to be a female (?). Over 1,700 Russian protestors are probably headed for the death pits as I write this.

    Who’s the real “nazi” in this war? “Putin’s attack on Ukraine echoes Hitler’s takeover of Czechoslovakia”

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    • Nope! Absolutely not. The Russians made it known to anybody that further support of Ukrainian nonsense would have consequences. Americans are too cowardish and send their local nazis (like ISIS in Persia/Arabia) to poke the bear in hibernation … of course they fukked up and now get into trubbel with big mama bear. The Russians said again and again they don’t feel save with NATO troops lurchin closer every day. Did anyone listen? Nope. Soooo the Russians are reacting.

      Read Scott Ritter’s report and clue up.

      Mark my words, as soon as the Russians have freed Lugansk, Donetsk and Odessa,and captured the worst offenders and brought them to justice, they will leave. Same as EU/US they don’t wanna deal with such a kaputt country as Ukraine. And now even Georgia has joined the light side, showing the finger to NATO.

      1.700 protesters is nothing, you probably know that, do ya. And why would they be headed to the death pits? Have you seen the videos of how Russian riot police handles protestors? Far more professional and less brutal than most western police forces.

      What’s wrong with y’all? Brainwashed much? Where did you get all those crazy ideas from? Is there something in the American water?

      Let’s not forget who the offender is here: USA/CIA sponsored and orchestrated the Maidan coup d’etat and installed their puppet regime. And now they cry crocodile tears as their swindle comes to light and backfires on them.
      Well, at least they have lead the stupid Germans around the ring by the nose and made them stop Nordstream 2. Congratz.


        • “That’s “over” 1,700 protesters in ONE Day…”
          Yes of course. After a protest we usually all go home again.

          ““Brave Ukrainian Woman yells at Russian soldiers – ‘What the f*** are you doing in our land?‘””
          “Just driving through, lady. Psssht, we’re hunting asshole nazis, be gone soon.”


          • I dunno if they’ll ever leave…that Brave Ukrainian Woman also cursed them. Telling them to “Take these seeds and put them in your pockets, so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here.” (Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine.)

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            • “that Brave Ukrainian Woman ”

              … is totally inconsequential. She fights a lost cause … and for the evil side, you see.


    • “as a Progressive who totally supports Totalitarianism”

      Progressive, yes when and if it’s the best way to proceed. Totalitarism, no, never, not ever.


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