Now This is Nifty!

Superduper computer! Can we still call this thing a NUC?

Intel NUC 12 Extreme, Dragon Canyon

Overpower the competition in the greatest games and experiences with the all-new Dragon Canyon, powered by Intel’s latest 12th Gen processor. Implementing an LGA1700 CPU socket makes Dragon Canyon the first ever Intel NUC to support a socketed Desktop CPU, giving you scorching performance in an 8L Chassis that can span processor generations. Supporting up to three Gen4 PCIe Drives and 64GB of 3200MHz RAM, along side a full-length GPU in its Gen5 x16 PCIe slot, Dragon Canyon is the new industry leader in small form factor gaming.

For more info and how to order –

Please don’t think I’m a paid industry shill. I am not. You know I’m kinda anticapitalist n stuffz, so I’d never. I’m also not affiliated with the SimplyNUC business. I guess they are just a dealer who makes videos. But those Intel things are small and cool and – most of all – very powerful! They actually punch in way above their weight class.

Nobody needs more computer than this!

Small size – big compute!


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