So Many Wrongs

Did I mention already that I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore?

How can a single dumbass be so wrong about so many things at the same time? Because, what did Putin really do? He acknowledged the existence of the Donbas republics as independent countries – as every grown up human being around the world should do. Donetsk and Lugansk struggled themselves free from a terrible corrupt nazi state. Congrats are in order.

“Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine – of Ukraine – Putin declares it as independent.” He added sardonically, “Oh, that’s wonderful.”

Yes, fucker, wonderful it is indeed. The Ukraine didn’t know what to do with DPR and LPR other than to subdue the majorly Russian populations and squash every attempt at independence. The whole world should be happy to welcome 2 new countries freeing themselves from the fascist poorhouse Ukraine.

But, to expose another one of Trump’s damaging lies, Putin declared fukall. Putin is in no position to declare anything which is outside of the territory of Russia. The donbas republics declared themselves as independent, Russia was just the first country to acknowledge their existence. Huge difference, Donald, yuge difference!

“The former UnS commander-in-chief said such a turn of events never would have happened if he were still in office, accusing his predecessor of incompetence while referring to Russia’s Donbass move, including Moscow’s potential peacekeeping mission, as “smart.””

Jelly much? And how couldn’t this have happened with you in office, idiot? It was a political decision, first by 2 independent republics, followed by a political decision of another independent country, fortunately far out of reach of badly damaging American influence. These things aren’t your business, not at all. Neither are they Russia’s business. What would you have done to stop the process, Donald? Tell me.

““That’s the strongest peace force I’ve ever seen. There were more army tanks than I’ve ever seen. They’re going to keep peace all right.””

A blatant lie!

Putin just got approval by the Russian parliament to send peacekeeping forces in order to keep the number of civilian victims to a minimum. He’s got approval! There are no orders to move in for any military units. Up to a few days ago Russia considered itself as 3rd party, same as all other European countries should have done. There are no Russian troops on the Ukrainian side of the border; never been. Neither are they in Lugansk, nor in Donetsk. Not yet. And not in the forseeable future … if the Kiev fascists don’t get a hissy fit. 😮

I don’t even dare to think about all the damage US troops would’ve caused if they were deployed. /me remembers some incidents in Syria and shudders. 😦

“Trump said. “Here’s a guy that says, ‘You know, I’m going declare a big portion of Ukraine independent.’ He used the word ‘independent.’”

Another lie by the former guy. You know he can’t do without. Putin didn’t declare shit, my man, he didn’t declare nuffink! He acknowledged the independence of Lugansk and Donetsk. And, as they are very Russia-friendly, he promised protection and maybe future stationing of Russian troops in the territory.

Besides from that, 98% of the world thinks what your country did in 2014 on Maidan was bad enough. You fukkaz created the civil war in the Ukraine. Actually you did so bad, America should be banned from ever engaging with any European country ever again! Because it’s now on us to pay for your failed fascist regime in Kiev and clean up the debris. Donald, why don’t you just shut up and go away? And take your buddy Biden with you.

And your German puppets Scholz and Baerbock as well. Neither of you will be missed.

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