32-bit Linux for Izikins

Hey Izi and everybody

Remember our convo about you wanting to test Linux on your old Macbook? And that said Macbook was 16 years old and the processor still of an Intel 32-bit generation? Well, I forgot to ask what became of your idea, like, totally. Until today when I incidentally stumbled upon it.

So, without knowing what became of your Linux plans I downloaded Linux Mint Debian Edition, LMDE 4, for two reasons: Firstly is Debian one of the very few developments still releasing 32-bit versions of the distros and secondly is Mint, particularly with the Cinnamon desktop, a favourite of the n00bie masses. And its LMDE version a fave of the advanced Debian connoisseurs anyway.

Let’s have a brief looksie at how it went:

PC booted into the live-environment. From here you can install the system or just check everything out without making any changes to your computer. Of course you can’t save anything and everything will be rather sloooooooow. But you don’t expect to break any speed records on that machine anyway, do ya?
The LMDE installer isn’t the brightest bulb so he’ll ask you on what device he must install the system. You’ll probably only have 2 anyways, 1 small with your ISO file on it, and a huge one with your installed MacOS on it. You choose that to install your Debian Minty upon. If you’re in any way nostalgic I advice you that now is the time to make a system backup before overwriting your MacOS with Linux.
The installation shouldn’t take long and while it’s going you get shown some informative slides about all the new shit your LMDE is equipped with. πŸ˜‰
As is typical for the Minty goodness you get a welcome screen with some first steps (‘Erste Schritte’ on my German system) you better get done before starting for good. Backup, multimedia codecs and all the fine shit for a better future.
But then you are there! From here on out you can start right away being awesome or first customize your desktop and your workflow for a maximum of pretty and comfy and speed and individuality.

No, really, that’s it! Best go through all the menus and submenus and find out what’s what and what’s where and how to organize your desktop for best possible comfyness and power. As already mentioned, don’t expect speed orgies, but this simple Debian system should accomodate you with satisfying workflow and no lag.

For any questions and all the stuff I’ve forgotten/ignored please use the comment section below this article.

Laterz πŸ˜‰



    • Very good. Lifesaving is what many people use Linux for in the first place. Americans tend to rather be wasteful and throwing everything onto the landfill; real people aren’t that wasteful and try not to waste resources.


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