Orca’s Late to the Invasion Party. :(

Totally forgot I had this stored away somewhere in my bookmarks to unpack on the invasion day. Sorry.

The comment section again is a perfect mirror of what the world thinks about The West’s latest blunder. EU and US, please stop playing with fire, and supporting nazis and generally just stop being such jealous meaniepoofaces!

The U.S. has an immense military base at Fort Hood, Texas, which by the standards of the Sun is right on the Mexican border. Tanks, artillery, helicopters, everything. Obviously the U.S. invasion of Mexico will start this afternoon. The Russians should withdraw their embassy from Mexico City and deploy nuclear missiles in Guadalajara.
Also the U.S. has secret alien spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico, even closer to the Mexican border. The U.S. — Grey invasion must be stopped at once! Impose sanctions now!
Posted by: MFB | Feb 16 2022 7:16 utc | 2


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