Good first impressions, all just click-through or what?

Next browser to test out is Chromium-based Vivaldi. Looks sleek and modern, which doesn’t interest me much. Choosing a dark theme and import of all my bookmarks from Firefox went quick and easy. Now I need to learn to live with it and how to add all my add-ons, too.

Trackers- and Ad-blocker are built in. Cool! Saves me about 5 secs time.

But it is 05:34 a.m. right now, I’m supposed to hit the gym at 8:00 … and my brain has turned to jello. So I give up for now and better try to catch some sleep …

I chose the totally dark Issuna theme.


        • Hubby and me are the only persons on this globe finding the contents of our PCs interesting, so there’s never anybody else using our shit. And anyway, all our data is on external drives,so nobody can cause any harm directly on our machines.


            • Zacly! Linux install takes roughly 3 minutes, all the important stuff is save and sound, stored externally.

              … Not that every gangster could delete it if they break in. 😦 But they tend to focus on the machines, the last guys didn ‘t even think about grabbing the PSUs, too. πŸ™‚ Just 2 very lame Linux powered laptops, and off they were with their loot. Good luck with that, gentlemen. πŸ˜‰


  1. Morning Muse. Other than being slow at times, I have no problem wid Firefox as my primary browser…then Edge, Waterfox, Chrome, and then the SukTwins Vivaldi & Opera. If you own a computer you can probably be tracked ‘n hacked. If you plug it into an electrical outlet or HW to Ethernet you can certainly be tracked ‘n hacked. If you’re own then internet you are probably at least being tracked – no matter what browser you’re using. Oh, actually, most of the time I like Waterfox more than Edge…

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    • Mornin’ Karmi. Waterfox didn’t pass my test. I forgot now why, prolly couldn’t install add-ons or sumfink. Now Librewolf kicks me outta my own blog and Firefox ESR … dunno what’s wrong with that. I’m gonna try Vivaldi again, even tho it didn’t pass my political correctness test. 😐

      Having 4 browsers installed on my main machine now … and no desire to test them. 😦

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  2. I use Vivaldi as my browser for SL related stuff. It can be quite a resource hog, but hey any browser with 20 open tabs is. I usually have tabs with events and hunts open as subtabs (hurray for 2 tiered tabs!).

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    • Thx for letting me know Fiona. Resources are not my problem, having 32 GB of RAM and I myself never have more than 2 tabs open, since my physical RAM (a.k.a. brain) gets confused by computer stuff. Also I’m kinda OCD and opened/unused tabs make me nervous. 😦

      So what do you like at Vivaldi in particular?


      • It was described as “Chrome for power users” to me – which is how I percieve it. It has gazillions of customisation options which I never use (aside the 2 tiered tabocalypse with hibernated background tabs). I just wanted a seperate browser for SL – ages ago an engineer on IRC told me to try out Vivaldi and I kept it as secondary browser until I dicovered SL. I run Firefox for work related stuff and non-digital art projects.

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