Windows 11 Pro will require a Microsoft account to be installed – it’s official

And? You still wanna stick with MS Windows? Have you no standards, no self-confidence, no political awareness?

Um … errr … if you feel now is the time to escape Big Bro and become a worthy human and computer user, as a reader of this blog you know where to go and what to do:

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Windows 11 Pro will also require an internet connection and a Microsoft account to be installed. Microsoft announces it, with the new Pro SKU requirements reminiscent of those introduced last year on Windows 11 Home. In short, it will no longer be possible to bypass the Microsoft account request to install Windows 11 Pro on a new system by choosing to set up a “local account”.

Since the days of Windows 10, Microsoft has been pushing users of their operating systems to use a Microsoft account, and the news on Windows 11 Pro goes precisely in this direction. A novelty that will probably not be particularly appreciated by all those who prefer not to enter sensitive data on their systems, or who try to avoid in every possible way the data collection present in the latest versions of Windows.
Windows 11 Pro will soon be able to be installed only…

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    • As far as I am concerned (fortunately not at all), Microsoft can keep all their Windowses and all their other softwares as well. 😉 You have no idea how happy and lucky I am to know that quite a sizable chunk of my readership, and my co-bloggaz as well, operates already on Linux. Some even longer and with much more know-how than happy-go-lucky st00pid n00bie me.

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