Bill Gates Diary: Day 695

¡Hola Compadres!

Nice photo of two of the wurstest inhumane beings on the planet:

You know that old con man on the left. On the right side we see Germany’s health minister, a fukka that calls himself a professor but is in reality just a fukka, as already mentioned. :/ These are the people our gvts trust in to deal with not only the pandemic but mostly with the unruly populations. Guys like those are responsible for the mass formation and brainwashing. If you wanna find out why and how your usually well-educated, intelligent and liberal frens and families became stuck up slogan-pushers and follow-the-leader types, look no further than William H. Gates and the respective health ministers of your own country of residence. You’ll find the reason for their psychosis exactly there. 😐

Guys, I’m not recommending you to stay dirty. But there are better, more important parts to wash than your brainz!

No further Covid-related news today, so cya laterz


PS: Me gotz da sniffels! 😦 Which can have various reasons. Me running wet around the pool and sleeping nekkid for example. But let’s – for the heck of it – assume me caught a case of Omicron. In that case you can relax: It’s actually super easy, barely an inconvenience. And I will get away with it undetected since nobody does take our temperatures anymore when we enter the gym or stores.

Atchoo! 😮

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