In order to finally get away from Mozilla I just installed the LibreWolf browser. It is basically the good old Firefox but not riddled with Mozilla’s moneymaking schemes. We’ve all been tolerant for their shit quite long enuff, right? You prolly not as long but me as a stubborn Firefox girl ever since Netscape days, I was on it until 2 minutes ago.

But now …

Looks almost like before the switch, no? I set up TSB! as homepage and have all my bestest 10,000 bookmarks imported from the old Firefux browser. Nearly feeling like home already. 😉

In comparison to all the other FF forkoffs and respins I like this one the most.

LibreWold ain’t in the pacman repo yet but – of course – you’ll find it in the AUR and install it very easily like so:

yay librewolf

yay librewolf is the totally geeky and complicated command line! 😉

How to install the wolf in Mint and other Linuxes I leave to you, my dears. You refused Arch so far, now deal with your choice.


  1. Since LibreWolf doesn’t have am Android version yet, I installed Fennec F-Droid. Similar to LibreWolf, Fennec F-Droid is a fork of Firefox without the telemetry. I’m going LibreWolf can offer mobile versions of their browser. In the meantime, I’ll test Fennec F-Droid. Maybe I’ll check other forks of Firefox as well. I’ve also been a long time fan of FireFox, since the early 2000’s.

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