Fantasy Faire 2022 Press Release

Oh, a Press Release? About another mega event I couldn’t give less fux about? Allow me to just steal your post and reblog it since that means no addl work for me. =^.^=

Daniel Voyager

Fantasy Faire 2022 in Second Life will be officially opening on Thursday 21st April through until Sunday 8th May 2022. The Fantasy Faire is the largest gatherings of fantasy designers, performers, role-players and enthusiasts in Second Life. This is a great opportunity to raise money in support of the American Cancer Society.

It’s a great event as it showcases the latest fantasy avatars, clothing, gadgets and exclusive items from 250 of the grid top fantasy creators. There is live performances, art galleries to visit, auctions, classes, literary & film festival and more.

Last year in 2021 the Fantasy Faire ranked 19th out of 5, 000 RFL teams around the world which is quite impressive. The event relayed L$23, 794, 648 ($95, 178) by the end of the Faire. Over fourteen years, the Faire has raised more than $533, 000 US Dollars (L$133, 250, 000 Linden Dollars).

Here is the…

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