Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 in Second Life

There is nothing in the meat space you won’t find an equivalent of in Second Life. For example fashion. And where there’s fashion there are fashion shows … and now even fashion weeks. 😮

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As featured in Vogue, designer Jonathan Simkhai has partnered with metaverse developer Everyrealm and metaverse production house Blueberry Entertainment to produce an exciting new Metaverse Fashion Week event inside Second Life

Timed to coincide with New York Fashion Week (NYFW), Metaverse Fashion Week is designed to mirror Simkhai’s new 2022 collection revealed this week at NYFW. The Second Life fashion show features digital versions of select pieces from Jonathan Simkhai’s 2022 Fall/Winter collection.

#MVFW #SecondLife #Metaverse #VirtualWorld #FashionWeek

How tall is that Simkhai avatar? Aren’t fashion models the tallest human beings on the planet (case in point: Elizabeth Debicki), and even more so in heels? And he still towers over them! 😮

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