Endeavour OS – Start Your Arch Linux Journey With A Well-Balanced Distro

Okayyyyy! This is a bit more hardcore than my usual links and recommendations. I mean it won’t hurt anybody to watch the video but please make sure you kinda know what you’re doing before attempting a life in Endeavour. And I’m not even talking about the installation – which ain’t harder than Manjaro install – but about the first couple minutes/hours/days on EOS. Don’t forget this is stock standard vanilla Arch after installation and you’ll be completely alone. 😮 Fortunately does EOS have a really friendly and helpful forum that won’t answer your questions with the typical Arch-answer “RTFM”. 😉 Still, a modicum of knowledge is required if you ever wanna end up a happy purple penguin.

Anyhoo, this is eBuzz Central’s distro review of EOS. Enjoy if you can:

Endeavour OS – Start Your Arch Linux Journey With A Well-Balanced Distro

If you like to roll up your sleeves and go on an adventure, then you might want to give EndeavourOS a try. EndeavourOS isn’t an expressway to a predefined destination in computing, it is all about the journey towards your own destination and on top of that, you’ll be meeting new and friendly faces during that exploration. Or more appropriate, your new Endeavour.

Download : https://endeavouros.com/

PS: Yes, Orca is a member of the forum … unfortunately. But she’s not there very often, so we still think it’s a mostly friendly environment.

PPS: And let’s not forget that – according to DistroWatch – this is the 2nd most beloved Linux distribution on Earth. So it is possible to tame the dragon. Even if you’re a stupid grrl like Orca. 😉

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