Waiting for the Russian Invasion

Hey Kidz! Are you as excited as I am?


  1. Huge deployments of US Naval forces are “practicing” maneuvers in the area. War is always the easiest way for criminal US corporate investment strategies to burn their books and run with the money. Ridiculous inflation trying to sell speculation debt to the hardest working least paid groups of people, lousy media propaganda… The largest median population of US people are 30, carrying the most debt from college educations that aren’t being paid enough to offset the educational burden. I’m not thrilled with this sad state of immorality. Because its that generation of kids in war zones dying for the frauds trying to get them to believe in patriotism to help the idiots hide their frauds.


    • That’s the thing with patriotism: The people preaching it are the least patriotic. The same corporation raking in the billions by selling their cheap weaponry to the highest bidder don’t give a fucque about you dying on some dirty battle ground in some shithole somewhere on this planet. And chances are high that you’re being killed by a weapon from the same ultra patriotic weapons manufacturer. Only it was made in some south-east Asian tiger state after the ultra patriotic American corporation has outsourced its production to that country.

      So, even if you survive your wound, you’ll come home as an unemployed veteran.

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