LMDE 5 Elsie

This sounds like a very good news for all the Minty users. It’s time to grow up, girls, and do something with your life and operating system. =^.^=

Butterfly mind

Announced earlier today

Over on the Linux Mint blog


Work is set to start on the next version of LMDE which was given the codename “Elsie”. It will be based on Debian 11, ship with a Cinnamon desktop environment and support both amd64 and i386 architectures.

That means my old 32 bit machine is still supported, and LMDE5 will go on it once it’s released.

Debian 11 came out a while ago, so it comes as no surprise LMDE5 would follow. If it’s good I may replace all my mint machines with LMDE5.

I don’t need cutting edge on most of my machines.

What I want is functionality, and I am not a huge Buntu lover – they continually annoy their user base. Hence, I moved to Mint.

LMDE5 won’t have a huge user base, but it is a very good everyday OS for me.

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