One More Arch

Really? Is that necessary? Let’s see how Troy of eBuzz Central likes it:

Most Underrated Arch Linux Distro – Bluestar Linux | Easy & User Friendly

Bluestar Linux is an Arch Linux-based distribution, built with an understanding that people want and need a solid Operating System that provides a breadth of functionality and ease of use without sacrificing aesthetics. Bluestar is offered in three edtions – desktop, deskpro and developer – each tailored to address the needs of a variety of Linux users. Bluestar can be installed permanently as a robust and fully configurable operating system on a laptop or desktop system, or it can be run effectively as a live installer and supports the addition of persistent storage for those who choose not to perform a permanent installation.

Download :…

Hmmmmm, it’s complete like Manjaro and Garuda but still grumpy me no likey. Maybe you will? Can’t never have enuff Arches, can we? I mean, even if we don’t like a specific distro the broader userbase slowly seems to wisen up and see the benefits of an Arch Linux install, which are plenty. And, come on, Ubuntu itself borders on the unusable and our beloved Minty goodness gets somehow boring after a while, no?

Arch to the rescue! ๐Ÿ™‚ Lร–L


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