Totalitarian Diary: Day 688

Good afternoon, happy tea and scones time my peepelz

No, absolutely no news worth mentioning today. Zero. Zilch. Null. This fuxn virus thing is dead, if you ask me. Nobody’s asking me so we still pretend there is some mortal bacteria floating around in the air. And we let our honorable govts spend our taxmonies on expensive, half-baked vaccines of questionable medical value.

And, much worse, we let them control our lives! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Vaccine passports, restrictions for unvaxxed persons, calling striking truckers in Canada and America racist nazis. Likewise with protesters in Europe. And our wise and honorable leaders don’t even care about the fact that, like, 88% of those fascist protesters are already vaccinated, double vaccinated and boostered up the wazoo. They give a fuk that many of the protesters are academics, persons of colour, old and young, women, not up for any violence but a nice cross section of modern society, people like you and me.

And the bolder they cry for police action and harsh consequences the more obvious it becomes that they aren’t aren’t talking from a position of confidence and strength but that they are afraid! Afraid of you and me. Afraid of us fighting for our human rights! ๐Ÿ˜

Because, remember how I said, already at the very beginning of the lockdown, that I think our govts are carelessly failing us? I said it for a different reason back then. But now I’m even more anti govt. They’ve turned out to be powerhungry totalitarians with little to no competence to lead a country, far less a people. Their power structures are sandcastles. And you know how sandcastles are destroyed by the next high tide. So why not let us be the high tide? Even better, let us become a mighty flood. A storm! An unstoppable floodwave of pissed off, angry, sidelined underlings.

BTW, you know who my lastest hero is?

Yes, that Fox News asshole. He’s redeeming himself.

Guys, the official narrative doesn’t hold up anymore. Sorry my socialist comrades, this is the first and hopefully the last time I recommend a Fox News show. But let’s hope Tucker gets us off our sofas and onto the streets, making noise.

cya tomorrow


In further news: No, Russia’s not gonna invade the Ukraine. Got it?

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