Orca Fails Fedora 36 Cinnamon

Long time since I did a Linux distro review. I’m settled in my ways, I’m old, I’m not curious anymore. But when I read on Karmi’s blog about Fedora having a version featuring the nice Cinnamon desktop, I decided in a split second I just had to download, install and test it.

First I had to look for a place to download the ISO from. It’s not obvious on Fedora’s website. But after some – much too time-consuming – searching on the interwebz I found it and downloaded the Linux ISO/Fedora-Cinnamon-Live-x86_64-35-1.2.iso file.

All happy I wanted to install it to one of my test machines. Straightforward install, no virtual machine or any stupid stunts. All easy peasy-like. But then I got stuck again.

So far so good. But no matter what option I choose …
… either fukall happens or I end up on this prompt. What am I sposed to do here? Type in some password that I don’t know or some command I know even less?

Needless to say, after 10 minutes of clueless fuckery I unplug the ISO and shut down the computer. Listen Fedora, if you guys wanna get more users, if you maybe even want to appeal to grrls, just giving us the Cinnamon desktop is nice but not good enough. Far from enough. Why dontcha have a looksee at Linux Mint or Manjaro and learn how user-friendliness really looks like. Jeebuz, it’s the fukn year 2022, a.k.a. the FUTURE!!! Is a concise boot-up and installation routine really too much to ask for?

Too bad. I remember older Fedora versions worked better. But they were, in typical convoluted Red Hat fashion, all on Gnome if I’m not mistaken. Now you had a real chance to redeem yourself … and you blew it by going all Debian on me. 😦

Buhbai. 😐


  1. πŸ™ I am sorry to learn that Fedora 36 with the Cinnamon desktop environment did not boot up for you.

    The last time I tried the Fedora Spins was approximately one and a half years ago.

    In my case, I did get it to boot up; however, I was not at all pleased with it.

    Now, do not get me wrong, it did work, but I felt that Fedora’s implementation of the Cinnamon desktop environment was lacking.

    Anyone who has never used the Cinnamon desktop environment before should have a look at Linux Mint’s version first.

    Also, I must admit that Manjaro’s version of the Cinnamon desktop environment is okay.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Orca.

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    • I just notice what I got was Fedora 35, not the 36 from Karmi’s article.

      And good to know that my recommended beginners distro has the best Cinnamon implementation. No wonder, they invented that desktop and developed it to its current state.

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  2. bummer. What a show stopper. You are so excited to test out version 36 without realizing it is unreleased. Maybe they should put a “do not use” everywhere. Rawhides are their alphas and they are not ready for the general public. However even then, I don’t think they intended for normal users to see the command prompt. Version 36 won’t be released until April. Hopefully they will polish it up by then

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