Corona Diary: Day 687

Gøöd Afternöøn, my children

In lack of breathtaking newnesses about the slightly out of fashion pandemic I just post some stuff I found in the last days on the interwebz:

The vaccines are so trustworthy they became a meme. 😦

🔬🧬 @RWMaloneMD
The Daily Sceptic

Why Won’t They Release the Data on Child Deaths Following Covid Vaccination? – The Daily Sceptic
The ONS admits it holds the data on child deaths following vaccination but has not revealed them publicly, so last week a parent asked Judge Jonathan Swift to direct the ONS to release the data. Her request was denied.
Wait a sec please … aren’t cruise ships known as hotspots for viral infections? Doesn’t matter anymore?

Eurasia & Multipolarity
Forwarded from
Dr. Lynn Fynn’s Science Enlightenment Channel & Stuff

The fact that the Swine Flu vaccine was stopped and pulled after 50 deaths, yet these continue to be pushed, and even mandated, is, in and of itself, a crime against humanity!
No way I’m gonna get vaxxed now!!! With my luck I’m allergic to something in the shitsoup. 😮

And that, my dears, is exactly the effect Big Pharma wants to achieve. Destroy our biological immune systems so humanity becomes totally dependant on their snake oil medicine.

And this is a scandal! For this shit a lot of people should go to jail for the rest of their miserable lives! Directly from their highly paid positions in various govts and big pharma board of directors. Away with them! 😐

“The war against mandatory lethal mRNA gene therapies and QR slavery passports is the most important war in the history of humanity, if we loose prepare yourself for permanent slavery, if we win we can restore freedom.” ~ Eurasia & Multipolarity
It’s our decision! Or better said it would be our decision if we’d lived in true democratic states. But that luxury we’re not given.

Sorry for all those downers today. But really, can you find anything positive about the recent state of affairs? After nearly 2 years of steadily worse news, would you have to say anything positive about your govt’s handling of the Covid pandemic?

See? I don’t either, and I have even 2 govts to choose from. The SA govt is a lot better than the German but all in all no, they are as blind and selfish as the EU govts.

Have a good Saturday everybody … if you still dare. 😉


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