Linux Mint the Bestest Linux?


This was to be just a link to Steven Vaughan-Nichols‘ article on ZDnet but then I stumbled upon his wording: The Best Linux Desktop. I mean, ok, Vaughan-Nichols is using Linux since almost 30 years and he knows his stuff. So he should know that there is no best Linux distro or best Linux desktop in existence. What’s good for the business user is crap for the home user, what’s cool for geeky keyboard warriors is shit for spoiled mouseclicking Orca and so far and so far.

Nevertheless let’s indulge in the article and find out what it is that makes Mint so appealing for a professional user with almost 30 years experience:

Orca isn’t on Mint anymore, as you know. Actually she’s off Mint since her second or third week in Linux. And she doesn’t use the fancy Cinnamon DE neither. Still, there is something about both, the Minty base and Mint’s own homebrew desktop. That shit has universal appeal, is easy to grasp for beginners but has also everything an old man with 30 years of Linux under his belt needs and wants. And Cinnamon, come on, in all its simplicity that GUI is very easy on the eyes, isn’t it?

But the best about the Mint distro is that it gets better from version to version. The developer team produces rarely any backfires and never tries to trick the users into some marketing scheme but comes up with useful little shits here and there: Hardware detection, Warpinator, Cinnamon, Timeshift, backup solutions, Nvidia integration, Hypnotix IPTV, a top notch graphical installer; all Mint innovations often used by other teams for their own distros.

When you download and install Linux Mint you’ll find a complete system, ready to go and work right away. That’s maybe the greatest thing about Mint, quite contrary to many other distros that are more like DIY kits, the dev team around Clem Levebrve has its focus on exemplary user-friendliness, even OSes like Windows and MacOS can learn quite a bit from.

And that’s why Orca recommends the standard Linux Mint as the bestest beginners’ distro.


  1. off topic, what do you think of slackware linux, have you tried it? …I read an article an article this morning of it being the oldest distribution and of their latest release. Is it too fancy?

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    • I find it confusing.There are so many slackware-based distros available. And from all I’ve heard about it many are not even to be installed but run from USB stick or sumfink. And I guess they are all very much made for geeks and offer no luxuries.

      I guess they are made for people who love to play with computer, not for me.


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