Empty Diary: Day 684

Oh man. Oh man. Oh brother, I slowly had it. Up to here. I know the media is mostly ADHD but really? Come on! Are we in the throws of a mortal pandemic that not only destroys lives but also livelihoods and whole economies? According to the politicians we are. And that’s why we all (ages 3 – 103) need to be triple boostered and we need photo IDs and certificates and contact tracing softwares and all that sick fascist big brother shit.

Only … only the numbers are lacking. The evidence is missing! The 5th wave will be coming, as sure as winter itself. But we won’t even notice it. 100,000, maybe even 1,000,000 new Omicron cases every day!!! Every! Fuxn! Dayyyy! And we won’t fell anything but a slight cold.

And you fukkaz expect me to take this charade seriously?

Look at what my trusty news sources IOL and YouTube got for me this fine morning:

Old old news of hardly any relevance.
Old old news of hardly any relevance.

Yes! Exactly nuffink! Where are the nifty tables and statistics? Where is the WHO publicising all the numbers? Where are the alarming news about scarcity of coffins, where are the burning heaps of deceased human bodies? Where are the hospitals bursting at the seams? Right, they are not there. And as ADHD as our modern media are, if the situation really was as bad as it was a year ago and as our govts are telling us it is, the media would be all over it! But they aren’t. They are happy with keeping days- and weeks old hardly relevant news in the headlines. Are they sleepwalking? Nope, they just don’t have anything to report on. Same as this blog.

Buuuut! As I mentioned before, I’m keeping this diary alive until we’ll receive the official confirmation that the pandemic is over. At least here, in South Africa. Once Papa Smurf tells me I can take off my mask and enter the shops without someone taking my temperature and sanitizing my hands, that’s the day I’ll end this column.

Fortunately this diary is, like everything in this blog, highly personal and subjective, not a news outlet. So Imma gonna switch to even more snarky remarks instead of neutral news. It’s only a question of days until it’s over anyhoo. πŸ™‚

Talking about anyhoo … I hope you good people keep sane and save and don’t do anything you might regret later, ‘kay? πŸ˜‰


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