Linux Mint – LMDE 4 version – The new Debian Edition as of Feb 2022

Thor Hartmannsson again. This time he made a video about Minty’s mostest bestest version:

Best Viewed on Large screen & vol up. A quick look at the Linux Mint Debbie or the LMDE 4 edition as of Feb 2022, and the files on the Live bootable USB stick.

My Main Page:…

#LinuxMintLMDE4 #LinuxMintDebbie #LinuxMintLMDE4LiveUSBstickFiles

Ladies, you successfuly managed to install the normie Mint on your lappy toppy, didn’t you? Soooo, the Debian version ain’t any harder or more complicated. But it has some undeniable advances over the standard Ubuntu version:

  1. It isn’t Ubuntu
  2. It’s Debian

Cool, eh? Who could say no to that?

So try it out and let your fellow bloggers know if it’s better or not.




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