Did You Throw Up Today?

What? Not yet? Watch the video …

The World’s Greatest Amateur Sporting Event.
Same 61 km / 38 mile Street Circuit as the Isle of Man TT.

And you thought you had balls of steel … where are they know?

And now you know why Orca always prefered her stupid choppers. Slow and cool.


    • I did. Not anymore. Got rid of my bikes one by one when money was tight. But by now I’m seriously thinking about getting a new bike. Nothing fancy, just something nimble and light to move my ass to the shops n stuff when Oubaas is in the workshop. Little 125cc. Something ladylike, ya know?

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  1. Reminds me why I bought a convertible instead of going back to bikes again at my age lol! Wicked indulgence is just enjoying the FPV thanks for the share as always Miss!

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