5th Wave Diary: Day 683

Fuk me!

South Africa is now officially out of the fourth wave and life is almost back to pre covid days but at the same time there is new subvariant of omicron,which may be the reason we are seeing a slight uptick in the infection numbers. And we are told that a fifth wave will come sometime mid-year. eNCA speaks to Professor Tulio de Oliviera, director of CERI.

Courtesy #DStv403

Whyyyy? Wot? Why don’t they give it up now? In winter infection numbers go up, that was always the case for all kinds of infectious diseases. So of course the BA.2 numbers will go up as well … and it won’t matter much since most infected will think they got a case of the flu.

And, believe it or not, this interview with the sniffling professor was the only relevant “news” I could find about Covid-19 in the last couple days.

But still we’re keeping on wearing our masks, aren’t we? And we get a generous portion of hand sanitizer spritzed all over our hands when we enter the stores … and that is okay since they obviously stocked up on too much sanitizer and want to use it up now. And on the 15th of February or March Papa Smurf will probably tell us that the pandemic is over for us. Just a few weeks shy of 2 years of national emergency. It’s about time.

You wonderful people stay healthy and be excellent to each other, ‘kay?


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