Far Ahead

Yes, readers, I feel far ahead not only of the normie world but in the Linux world, too. Wanna know why and how I know I’m far ahead? Look:

Linux kernel 5.16.5-1 is the latest official kernel available on Manjaro. I could even activate an experimental kernel but why? Just a stupid housewife me is, not a geek.
Not even the ultra modern and up-to-date EndeavourOS on my laptop is any further advanced with kernel 5.16.5-arch1-1.
And the brandspanking new Linux Mint on GagaMore is already a bit behind with Kernel 5.5.0-94 … and won’t get any significant updates in the next half year.
And that, kidz … and that is why Orca feels so smug and elitist! 😉 Not that I know more about my computers than the average Windows user but I know one thing: Linux always takes good care of me. And it lets me own my computers and gets out of my way when I need my freedom.


  1. Morning Dear Muse…how may i ‘Trigger‘ you this morning? 😉

    How about a quote from my popular 1/17/2022 VzLinux: Virtuozzo Linux 9 Beta post:

    ‘The Linux Kernel is literally a Religion to many Linux advocates (Red Hat, Slackware, and Puppy Linux are three of the rare exceptions). I have labeled the most radical of them – ‘Kernel Addicts’. The radical ones literally ‘send up prayers of Thanks‘ if they find their *KERNEL* has been updated – Praise be to *KERNEL*!!!!!!!!

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    • Thing is, Karmi, the newer and up-to-date the kernel, the better the hardware detection, the more compatibility, the less problems, the besterer the distro.
      You know yourself, a lack of industrial drivers for Linux makes it a necessity for the kernel to be compatible with as many new externals as possible, so if you’re on a new computer or wanna use a new printer or webcam you’re much better off on an Arch system than on a Debian from yesteryear.

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      • Baloney. My top rated Linux OS is AlmaLinux, and it has the 4.18 kernel version. Unlike your EOS, AlmaLinux works across all of my hardware…Intel ‘n AMD…3 different Nvidia cards. Same wid Puppy Linux. You have been duped once again…

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        • Whoa, your reply came in while I was still busy fine-tuning mine. I guess your Alma won’t be able to run the latest M.2 PCIe SSDs for example.

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          • snip … The kernel, if implemented properly, is invisible to the user, working in its own little world known as kernel space, where it allocates memory and keeps track of where everything is stored. What the user sees—like web browsers and files—are known as the user space. These applications interact with the kernel through a system call interface (SCI).

            That’s from Red Hat. Basically, you allow your Beloved Linux Kernel to invade your User Space.

            Enough ‘Triggering‘ for one day … later! 😉

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            • “Basically, you allow your Beloved Linux Kernel to invade your User Space.”

              It’s FOSS, so the kernel allows me to fiddle with it as well, as so expertly done by Linus T. and his kernel group.

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  2. I’m curious to check out GNOME 42 when it’s more stable myself. I do a bunch of froo froo tweaks to it I enjoy. I wanted to see Deepin DDE 15 improved, but DDE 20 was a major let down because they got rid of everything I liked. Also it was a debian kernel, while stable not as capable and forward as Ubuntu or Arch. I enjoyed EOS a lot, but had a hard time with making it work with 6 other OS boots in place. I was eclectic going on an every Distro adventure for awhile even Nitrux. I tried SuSE, Mint, System 76, Cinnamon as well. Elementry was locked down too much for my enjoyment as well. Zorin had some nifty things going with it’s DE as well. But, I ultimately went back to GNOME in Ubuntu every time because I could pretty much make it look the way I really liked my desktop. To each their own of course. The beauty of it all is the OS can be as individual as the people and their tastes.

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    • I haven’t had a lok at Gnome in quite a while but it always was too restrictive for me, made for keyboard warriors, not friendly for mouse users. I absolutely hated it. As you said ‘to each their own’.

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