The Top 5 Linux Distros

… on the pretty inconsequential DistroWatch charts, and why they are where they are, and what Orca thinks about it.

Let’s make it short:

#5 Pop is unnecessary but as a slightly better version of Ubuntu we give it some slack. The #5 spot is where it belongs. Until something better comes along.

#4 Mint is probably the bestest Linux distro for home use by normal people. It is all Pop tries to be but fails at. Should be on #1. Unfortunately are most Linux users men … and not normal.

#3 Manjaro is not entirely as easy and luxurious as Mint but comes as close as it gets. Manjo has the huge advantage of being not based on Ubuntu but on Arch. And it sports the most eyecandy desktops. In a perfect world it would be on #2.

#2 EndeavourOS is the bestest Arch distro. End of story! Easy to install and comes with a huge choice of usable – but not prettified – desktops. Closer to Arch than Manjo which is good but not of any interest for us ladies. After the easy peasy installation you’re left to your own devices and have a lot of work cut out for you. So in my perfect dreamworld it would be on #3.

#1 MX Linux has 2 negative characteristics: It’s based on Debian, geeky and boring, and doesn’t come with the ladies’ choice of fave desktops, Cinnamon and Mate. Apart from that it’s the bestest Debian from what I hear. In my list it would be on #4

Altogether I must admit the Top 5 are rightfully in the Top 5 positions. I’d scramble them a bit around but altogether they showcase what’s the best in Linux development.

Agree/disagree with Orca? Did you know we have a friendly and open comment section? Post your opinion there and make yourself heard! And don’t fear snide remarks; the editrix is, like most people in Linux, more opinion than know-how. It’s all for shit n giggles. ^.^


  1. Morning Muse (I promoted you back after yesterday). ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now, let’s see if humble me can ‘Trigger‘ you again…

    Not sure if MX Linux still offers MATE thru the Synaptic Package Manager, but they did not too long ago. Does anyone still use MATE besides you? Dec of 2021 I tested MX Linux 21 Wildflower wid the Cinnamon DE using Synaptic Package Manager. Just my 2-cents…

    Liked by 1 person

    • “(I promoted you back after yesterday)”
      What an honour. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      “MX Linux still offers MATE thru the Synaptic Package Manager”

      “MX Linux 21 Wildflower wid the Cinnamon DE”
      Oh. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Back when I tested it only the Xfce was available from their website. But ok, if you can also choose Mate and Cinnamon then I’ll maybe replace Sparky with MX in my recommendations list … although, heck, I kicked all Debian distros off it anyway.

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