Say It Like It Is, Pepe

Didn’t little Orca say it since years? The 21st century is the Asian century! Europe/America had a couple centuries to ruin everything, and we did. By God, we did. We created a real shitshow.

Now it’s the Asians’ turn. And if we hurry and play our cards right, they will maybe still accept (some of) us a junior partners and take us with them. But if we are stubborn, full of deceit and lies and wanna go head on into an economic war against Russia, China and all the tiger states we’ll soon be history. 😦


  1. As with many extreme, polarised views, the EU diplomat takes an underlying, common-sense truth and turns it into a ‘black or white’ statement of utter nonsense. There is the obvious, sensible, diplomatic third choice which he completely ignores, and will be what continues to happen – sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. But this doesn’t suit the kind of person who prefers noisy, attention-getting headlines.

    ‘… look West and be destroyed. France will follow Germany. England doesn’t matter’. This nonsense from a so-called ‘level-headed’ diplomat who doesn’t even know the proper name of a neighbouring European state. Or realise that the big problem with the Western alliance is not in Europe at all.

    I don’t know this Pepe Escobar, but if he intended to poke ironic fun at the EU diplomat he did a reasonably good job!

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    • Pepe is a well-known, very well-informed journalist. The quote wasn’t his but by an diplomat. And that diplo was absolutely correct. You don’t need to be an extremist to see the truth in it.

      I guess that Europe’s problem is far west of Europe everyone knows. An that’s why we ask our leaders why they still cling onto the transatlantic idea. And that’s why that diplo get the idea that the UK doesn’t matter.They Brexited the EU (very good thinking) … but only to cozy up to the US even more. 😦

      I see it similar; either we look east and have a bright future or we look west and die with the rest. What does your 3rd choice look like?


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