Needless Diary: Day 678

Why did I call today’s entry ‘needless’? Look at these spectacular headlines I found on IOL:

No, these are not the regular stories but special Omicron results. ๐Ÿ˜

And similar no-show of real Covid-relevant stuff on YouTube:

Come on people! If you want us all to stay alert and queue up for hours to happily receive our vaccination jabs, at least give us some more horror stories! Burning heaps of dead corpses, sob stories about whole multigenerational families being wiped out, world leaders getting infected, all that stuff, like you did so well in 2020. But now … admit it, it’s a farce, a money- and powergrab, undermining human rights and democracy.

And it’s not just some 3rd world countries lifting all Covid restrictons but even the core EU and Europe are breaking off the fanatical Covid-fighting group. Even Austria and Denmark, direct neighbours of Germany. Only Germany is on full fascist course and clings onto the harsh restrictions for unvaxxed people, using the worst excuses to do so. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Hey politclowns, you cannot call people who are in the streets fighting for more democracy, nazis! That’s crazy. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I hope you and yours are doing ok, and why wouldn’t you? This pandemic is over by all means and purposes. And we survived!

Cya laterz



  1. You Progressives are all alike. I am demoting you from Muse to Trojan Horse. For like what…2 years, after unlocking ‘n opening the gates to the city, you then held them open until the entire Nazi/Fascist/Socialist/Communist/Progressive Government Thugs had entered, and then, you started yelling the Enemy is in the city.

    There were five forms of governance that migrated from theory to reality in the 20th Century: Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism and Progressivism. The common denominator among them was unprecedented control and regulation by the State over human activity. It is delusional to think that the totalitarian impulse expired with the 20th Century. – E. Nuff Said

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    • Uh, moment please. Karmi, I already made my stance on the subject very clear. You must not forget, the world 2 years ago, was a very different world. The 1st wave of Covid-19 was very dangerous and needed heavy govt engagement. I hated them for not doing enough. Then all the politclowns used Covid-19 as an excuse for powergrabs, which I hate too. Then, when we found out big pharma used the situation as a vehicle to create more profit, I hated – and still hate – big pharma.

      I guess I made it clear pretty much from the 1st day onwards, that I have no clue and demand more information, before I could make up my fuxn mind. But I erred on the cautious side and therefor propagized personal sanitation and mask wearing and social distance. And I asked my readers to do the same and not be covidiots. I’m still doing it. Only slowly during the last 678 days I found an opinion and dared to utter it. My opinion was not to fall for govt lies but still do our best not to get infected. Regarding vaccination my internal jury is still out and I’m only gonna get vaxxed when we need it for our flights to Germany.
      My opinion and actions depend on the state of medical progression. When, for example, Phizer or any other poison mixer comes up with the bestest Vaxxine evar! I’ll gladly take a shot. Not before.

      But by now we have Omicron and the umpteenth wave and it’s not any more dangerous than a standard cold. So I recommend to my readers to just be generally careful. I don’t see how any of that would make little oldfashioned me a progressive.

      Aaaand anyway, how would you propose I could lock the gates to the city, that I didn’t open anyway? I’m sitting here as close to the South Pole as you can get on African soil, with zero power over any country’s bollocktics. Don’t hold me responsible for what any govt is doing/not doing regarding the Covid-19 situation. SA will prolly end the state of national emergency on the 15th Feb/March and then I’ll take off my mask. Not a day sooner, not a day later.


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