America Admits Defeat

They lied and caused widespread panic and Russophobia among the less educated parts of the western populations. And now …

… as usual the whole house of lies comes undone.

No mistake: Putin could invade not only liberate the pro-Russian republics Donbaas and Luhansk but invade the whole Ukraine.

If he wanted.

And he would do the world a huge favour by doing so. Coz we don’t want nazis in Europe.

But why would he want to do that? He’d only invade and gain a fascist problem child, a poor house with problems up the wazoo, a hub of anti-Russian hate. Plus he’d give the Americans another stupid excuse for sanctions. It’s a lose/lose scenario, Putin knows it, everybody knows it, only some western warhawks refused to acknowledge this fact.

So, Mr. Biden, if you please could remove your agents from the Ukraine, please? And take back NATO to where it belongs: Berlin. As your country has solemnly promised. Not a single mile more eastwards.

Wibbly wobbly asshole.

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