Russian Invasion of Ukraine has Started!

Totally hot and fresh from hubby’s smarty phone, the first pics of Russian aggression:

Clearly visible one of Putin’s elite hamsters invading the Ukraine, about to rape the nazi men and kill their women and plunder the treasures. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Let’s hope the western community will act swiftly and send a ranger or a vet to remedy the situation.


  1. This is funny, but i am very sure the Russian let the Europeans and Americans talk (who talks wont prepare themself), continue to prepare slowly their invasion and wait just for a weird reason in “Trump and Putin style” and occupy the Ukraine. – And no one will do anything.

    Or do you think they sent the soldiers, tanks, jets and all the other equipment there just for a “party in the snow”

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    • No, they sent them there for a specific reason: Protection of the residents in the pro-Russian republics. And they really didn’t send them anywhere, as they – contrary to American trained goons – stay inside Russian borders all the time.


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